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Stefano Zacchiroli zack@debian.org
Mon, 6 Jun 2005 11:01:55 +0200

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[ added in Cc Michael Piefel, co-maintainer with me of the vim-scripts
  package, since I don't know if it is subscribed to this list. Michael:
  we are discussing a proposal of debian-vim policy for packaging of vim
  scripts ]

On Sun, Jun 05, 2005 at 11:43:34PM +0200, Norbert Tretkowski wrote:
> 2. Vim startup.
> Vim should automatically source all scripts added into /usr/share/vim/add=
> We believe that IF site administrator is installing a script system-wide,=
> a package, THEN this script is considered important and is meant to be so=
> automatically. Therefore, administrators should think twice before instal=
> a script in this way.=20

I don't like the application of the IF ... THEN policy above for vim
scripts. An editor like vim is an higly customizable piece of software
and in my experience no two users use the same settings. It is thus
reasonable to think that a system administrator of, say, a cluster of
machines will install a plethora of vim-* packages so that they are
available to users.

Thus I propose to have at least a debconf question which asks sysadm
whether i wont the scripts available to all users or not. In my opinion
debconf answer will be used to decide how to invoke your vim-install

> If the particular user does not share this point of view, he has the opti=
on to
> change this behaviour, by removing /usr/share/vim/addons from the runtime=
> It can be accomplished by setting runtimepath in his or her ~/.vimrc.

I would like to have the two options available: if the sysadm choose to
make a scripts available to every one then single users could inhibit
it + the other way round: if the sysadm choose not to make a script
widely available single users could enable it.

Single users actions in my idea should be performed using vim-install.

> http://yacoob.dnsalias.net/sakwa/vim-install
> It should be included into vim package.

Agreed. BTW does vim-install handles scripts which need more than one
file to be installed/linked?

> 4. Help files handling and helptags generation.
> All scripts documentation should be put in compressed form in
> /usr/share/vim/addons/doc directory. A script that will generate helptags=
> for this directory has been written and is available at:
> http://yacoob.dnsalias.net/sakwa/helpztags
> It should be included into vim package. All packages containing vim scrip=
> with documentation should pre-depend on vim.

I noticed that many scripts generate documentation on-the-fly the first
time they are executed. Usually this first execution installs generated
documentation in home dir. Do you know how to avoid this? We of course
don't want to have a script shared by all users but a per-user copy of
the generated documentation ...

> Currently, only vim-latexsuite conforms to this point.

Anybody knows which other packages need to be patched? IIRC vimoutliner,

> 7. vim-scripts package.
> This package is intended to act as a 'bag of scripts'. Scripts in this pa=
> are NOT put into /usr/share/vim/addons/, and thus are NOT enabled by defa=
> If user (or administrator) wants to enable one of the scripts from vim-sc=
> package, he should copy it to specific directory (i.e. ~/.vim/).

Could we reuse vim-install for this?

Many thanks for your work!


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