Couple packaging suggestions/questions

James Vega jamessan at
Thu Aug 10 12:39:16 UTC 2006

1) There has been a bit of negative feedback regarding the debchangelog
   folding being on by default (since filetype plugins are enabled by
   default).  One suggestion that people seem to be receptive to is
   automatically unfolding the first entry.  This could easily be done
   by adding something similar to the following in the debchangelog

     augroup debchangelog
     autocmd FileType debchangelog 0foldopen!
     augroup END

   A solution I'd prefer to see is for Bram to have 'foldenable'
   disabled by default since folding isn't a very discoverable feature.
   I don't think that's likely to happen, though.

2) I know I had something else to discuss, but I don't remember right
   now ... Stefano, do you recall? I mentioned it last time we talked in
   #debian-vim and you suggested I post to the list.

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