Couple packaging suggestions/questions

Matthijs Mohlmann matthijs at
Thu Aug 10 13:18:46 UTC 2006


James Vega wrote:
> 1) There has been a bit of negative feedback regarding the debchangelog
>    folding being on by default (since filetype plugins are enabled by
>    default).  One suggestion that people seem to be receptive to is
>    automatically unfolding the first entry.  This could easily be done
>    by adding something similar to the following in the debchangelog
>    ftplugin:
>      augroup debchangelog
>      autocmd!
>      autocmd FileType debchangelog 0foldopen!
>      augroup END
>    A solution I'd prefer to see is for Bram to have 'foldenable'
>    disabled by default since folding isn't a very discoverable feature.
>    I don't think that's likely to happen, though.
That's not likely to happen within the 7.0 release. So I prefer if the 
first entry is unfolded and the other entries folded.

> 2) I know I had something else to discuss, but I don't remember right
>    now ... Stefano, do you recall? I mentioned it last time we talked in
>    #debian-vim and you suggested I post to the list.
> James


Matthijs Mohlmann

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