Bug#387794: vim-gui-common: bad /usr/share/doc symlink (missing dep?)

Pierre Habouzit madcoder at debian.org
Sat Sep 16 21:31:51 UTC 2006

Le sam 16 septembre 2006 20:22, Lars Wirzenius a écrit :
> Package: vim-gui-common
> Version: 1:7.0-094+1
> Severity: important
> When testing vim-gui-common with piuparts, we found the following
> problem:
> 0m5.5s ERROR: Broken symlinks:
>   /usr/share/doc/vim-gui-common -> vim-common
> It seems to me that vim-gui-common does not depend on vim-common and
> if vim-common is not installed, then the symlink is broken. I'd make
> this bug "Severity: minor", but the /usr/share/doc stuff is fairly
> important, since the copyright file can be missing. From Policy,
> 12.5:
>         /usr/share/doc/package may be a symbolic link to another
>         directory in /usr/share/doc only if the two packages both
> come from the same source and the first package Depends on the
> second. These rules are important because copyrights must be
> extractable by mechanical means.
> Thus, severity important.

well, technically vim-gui-common is never installed alone.

you are supposed to pull vim, or one of its variant, that is explicitely 
depending on vim-common (for all of them) *AND* from vim-gui-common if 
the variant supports gvim.

so basically, there is no bug. we could maybe add a dep vim-gui-common 
on vim-common, but I think I recall there was a problem with that. I'll 
try to figure out which one it was...
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