Bug#411697: vim maintainer scripts switch on "$1" when they shouldn't

Joey Hess joeyh at debian.org
Tue Feb 20 19:30:49 UTC 2007

Ian Jackson wrote:
> If I am currently addressing the person who wrote these scripts
> originally then I would be interested to hear where the notion to
> switch on $1 in this way came from, since it might be worth updating
> the relevant documentation or example packages, or educating the
> `expert' which was the original source.

Well, one example if it is in dpkg.postinst/postrm. :-)

Manoj uses switch constructs a lot, including in debian-policy.postinst,
and his are especially fully commented so I suspect are used as a base
by a fair number of other developers. ucf contains an examples/postinst
that some developers are probably using.

If you google for "Skeleton maintainer script showing all the possible
cases.", Charles Briscoe-Smith promulgated one in 1998, which might be the
ancestor of the above.

debhelper uses test "$1" more extensively than I'd like, but I think
still close to minimally, and I've certianly gotten it wrong before.

see shy jo
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