Bug#680772: vim: default completion menu highlight colors unreadable (PmenuSel)

James McCoy jamessan at debian.org
Tue Jul 10 02:24:19 UTC 2012

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On Sun, Jul 08, 2012 at 05:53:31PM +0200, Mirosław Zalewski wrote:
> Steps to reproduce:
> 1. Run 'vim -u NONE -U NONE -N' command
> 2. In interactive mode, type /usr/
> 3. Press Ctrl+O (capital o, not zero) Ctrl+F to start vim path

I think you mean Ctrl+x Ctrl+f here.

> completing mode. As there are few paths, vim will ask you to choose one
> from list.
> 4. Highlighted entry will be black on black bacground, and therefore
> ureadable

It works fine for me.  What terminal are you using?

> ':hi PmenuSel' command will show:
> ctermfg=0 ctermbg=0 guibg=DarkGrey
> Clearly ctermfg should be different than ctermbg.

I get this in an xterm

  PmenuSel       xxx ctermfg=0 ctermbg=7 guibg=Grey

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