Link Exchange & app review request (android apps related)

Chris Helm pr at
Sun Sep 23 13:40:05 UTC 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, kind website owner or maintainer

The main purpose of this mail is to ask, if you are interested in 
link exchange with our site to 
improve your site search engine ranking (as well as ours = backlink exchange 
/ partnership).
The second purpose is to ask, if you could check our android apps and 
maybe write a review about one of them (or even all of them *s*), since we 
are android app developers offering our apps on Google play store for 
For your understanding:
You receive this email because you either have android related 
content on your site or you link to android related pages. (At least Google 
search tells this). Feel free to ignore this mail if you are not interested 
or if you receive this mail by mistake. 
If you are interested, then please continue reading the requirements 
for a link exchange partnership.
Those are:
1) We do not want to pay for links and of course don’t ask you for 
2) We do not link to sites that contain any illegal material 
3) We do not link to sites that contain pornographic material, 
malware etc. 
4) We do not link to casino or monopoly sites or other trash 
5) We do not link to Apple related sites ;-)
You can see here, how a backlink for you could look like:
This link will probably not bring additional traffic directly from 
our site to your site but it should improve your search engine weight.
If you want to get a link from us to your site, then please contact 
us and attach a logo, the Title (probably your company name), a short 
description, your Website URL or the URL you want the link to point to.
So, if you consider a link exchange partnership or a review of our 
apps, then please feel free to contact me. 
You can check our apps directly on our homepage 
but as well directly on Google app store:
All the best / kind regards

Post scriptum: 
Details for linking:
If you consider a backlink, then please use the following HTML or a 
similar syntax. The HTML Title should not be changed, because it includes the 
search terms, we would like to improve our ranking in search engines for:
---------------------------- HTML BEGIN ----------------------------
Check out this cool site for top free live wallpapers: <a href="" 
title="Android Live Wallpapers, Best Live Wallpapers, Free Live Wallpapers, 
top Live Wallpapers, Live Wallpapers" target="_blank"><u><b>Android Live 
wallpapers – best free android live wallpapers</b></u></a>
---------------------------- HTML END   ----------------------------

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