New syntax files need feedback

Vincent Cheng vincentc1208 at
Wed Sep 26 07:53:44 UTC 2012

Hi quidame,

On Sat, Sep 22, 2012 at 5:16 PM, bilibop project <quidame at> wrote:
> Hi Vincent
>> Have you forwarded this upstream to conky's developers? As I'm not a
>> vim user, I don't know whether this file should be installed inside
>> the conky package, or with vim instead. If this is to be distributed
>> with conky's source package and installed with conky rather than vim,
>> please make sure you forward this upstream, and let me know what I'm
>> supposed to do with this conky.vim file to integrate conkyrc syntax
>> highlighting within vim (where am I supposed to install this file?
>> Presumably somewhere in /usr/share/vim? Or will debhelper take care of
>> the nitty gritty details?).
> No. The vim-runtime binary package is shipped with more than 500 syntax
> highlighting files; all come from the Vim source itself (there are a lot of
> contributors!). And I think the vim-runtime binary package is the only one
> in which vim syntax files should take place. So, you don't have to integrate
> conky.vim into the conky package. I just need feedbacks from vim+conky
> users and from vim+APT users, about two things:
> 1. Related files (conkyrc, apt.conf...) are they correctly highlighted ?
>     I could answer yes, but: SYNTAX ERRORS are they correctly catched
>     and highlighted too ?
> 2. Related files are they correctly catched by filetype.vim ? (this means:
>     ALL related files and ONLY related files)
> filetype.vim is used to automatically assign a syntax highlighting file to the
> file edited by vim. Filenames, extensions, paths and (rarely) contents are
> used to know the filetype (shell script, udev rules...) and then apply the
> corresponding highlighting rules stored in a file (respectively sh.vim and
> udevrules.vim). For conky, I propose to catch all files with the following
> basenames: 'conky.conf', '*.conkyrc', 'conky_*' and 'conkyrc_*'. Seems ok
> for you ?

Sounds fine by me! Since this doesn't seem to require any action on my
part, I'll just leave it to the vim maintainers to see if they want to
implement this, but thanks for letting me know anyways!

>> Due to the freeze, this probably won't be done anytime soon
> Maybe I'm wrong, but the add of syntax files in vim-runtime in Wheezy
> after the freeze should not conflict with the 'proposed-updates' policy.
> Cheers,
> quidame
> P.S:
> You are not a vim user, but if you are curious and/or have some time before
> you, download a conkyrc_something from the web, and:
> $ mkdir -p ~/.vim/syntax
> $ cp .../conky.vim ~/.vim/syntax
> $ vim "+syntax on" "+set ft=conky" .../conkyrc_something

Out of curiousity, I did give this a try, and ended up with the following:

$ vim "+syntax on" "+set ft=conky" ~/.conkyrc
"~/.conkyrc" 228L, 11415C
Error detected while processing /home/vincent/.vim/syntax/conky.vim:
line    5:
E492: Not an editor command: ^M
line    8:
E15: Invalid expression: !exists("main_syntax")^M
line  329:
E171: Missing :endif
Press ENTER or type command to continue

(and vim didn't highlight anything in my conkyrc...)

Also, I've just realized that upstream seems to have a vim syntax file
already in conky's source (look for extras/vim/syntax/conkyrc.vim in
the source tarball, or via gitweb [1]). It might be a bit out of date



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