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James McCoy jamessan at
Fri Jan 5 05:25:18 UTC 2018

On Fri, Dec 29, 2017 at 10:40:59PM +0100, David Rabel wrote:
> Hi there,

Hi!  Sorry for the delay; life has been a bit hectic.

> I'm currently maintaining the package vim-lastplace. Beeing at the 34C3
> and meeting some Debian folks today motivated me to get more involved
> with Debian. Because I'm already maintaining a vim-related package I
> thought I could maybe join the pkg-vim-maintainers team and help
> packaging vim itself or some other vim related stuff.
> Unfortunately I don't know what is the focus right now and how I can
> help best.

Aside from the usual bug triage, semi-regular uploads, and coordination
with upstream? :)

The thing I'd most like to get done for Buster is a replacement for
vim-addon-manager.  A dh_* helper and dh sequence addon, tentatively
named dh-vim-addon.  It should support specifying whether plugins are
compatible with vim and/or neovim, and install the plugin's files in a
directory structure that's compatible with Vim's packages.

Some more ideas related to that are in my response[0] to Sam Morris's
email about similar functionality.


Other than that, I'm intending on extracting the Debian related runtime
files to their own project (in the newly created pkg-vim-team group) on
salsa.d.o for easier maintenance.  Since they're included with Vim
already, they wouldn't need a new package.  As part of that, it would be
good to implement the requested[1] syntax highlighting for the
debian/copyright format.


Those are the main things that come to mind right now.  I'm also in
#debian-vim on OFTC (accessible via irc or matrix).

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