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David Rabel david.rabel at
Sat Jan 27 12:22:00 UTC 2018

Hi James,

On 05.01.2018 06:25, James McCoy wrote:
> Other than that, I'm intending on extracting the Debian related runtime
> files to their own project (in the newly created pkg-vim-team group) on
> salsa.d.o for easier maintenance.  Since they're included with Vim
> already, they wouldn't need a new package.  As part of that, it would be
> good to implement the requested[1] syntax highlighting for the
> debian/copyright format.
> [1]:

So I spent a few hours in the last days to gain some basic knowledge
about vimscript and syntax highlighting.. :)

Do I get that right? The debian-related runtime files are maintained by
this team at the vim-debian repo at salsa and are somehow handed over to
upstream who then includes them into the official vim releases and this
way they get back to us with the whole vim source code?
So the files at vim-debian repo are always a little bit newer than the
files at vim repo?

I'd like to help here, it seems "not too complicated" for a start. Since
Chris already provides a patch it would be 1) testing it, 2) adding it
to the vim-debian repo 3) keeping an eye on it and improving it from
time to time, for example with your comments in the bug report.

I'll gladly do that as soon as I get an OK from you. (with a delay maybe
;) )


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