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Alexandre Julliard julliard at winehq.org
Sat Jun 9 07:24:11 UTC 2012

The annotated tag, wine-1.5.0 has been created
        at  746d421f999d45e787880aec05f4a976281dbaca (tag)
   tagging  7da070f9ca89a0204f587a5aa7bfb721e2c389a9 (commit)
  replaces  wine-1.4
 tagged by  Alexandre Julliard
        on  Fri Mar 16 19:57:37 2012 +0100

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Release 1.5.0
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Akihiro Sagawa (7):
      kernel32/tests: Add more tests for WriteConsole.
      msvcrt/tests: Add tests for fflush on input stream.
      msvcrt: Add support for fflush to clear an input buffer.
      msvcrt: Add a helper function to flush all buffers.
      msvcrt: Add support for _flushall to clear all input buffer.
      msvcrt: Add semi stub _mbcjmstojis implementation.
      msvcrt: Implement _mbcjmstojis.

Alessandro Pignotti (1):
      oleaut32: Avoid converting variants if it is not needed.

Alexander Morozov (1):
      ntoskrnl.exe: Fix a typo.

Alexandre Julliard (24):
      wine.inf: Avoid creating empty registry values.
      winex11: Ignore FocusOut event on destroyed windows.
      gdi32: Fix rounding error for odd ellipse sizes in CreateRoundRectRgn.
      msvcrt: Export __C_specific handler in other msvcrt versions too.
      server: Create some kernel notification events.
      kernel32: Implement the memory resource notification functions.
      winex11: Never try to clip the cursor if we don't have XInput2.
      ntdll: Use the context argument as working variable instead of making a copy in RtlUnwindEx.
      ntdll: Restore the original context for the last frame instead of the result of the unwind handler.
      ntdll: Set the TARGET_UNWIND flag when calling the unwind handler for the target frame.
      ntdll: Trace the exception extra information also in RtlUnwindEx.
      ntdll: Add support for the special STATUS_UNWIND_CONSOLIDATE exception code.
      ntdll: Add support for rep;ret instruction in function epilogs.
      ntdll: Add support for jump instructions in function epilogs.
      winevdm: Try DOSBox first for running DOS applications.
      comdlg32: Implement WM_CHOOSEFONT_GETLOGFONT in the font dialog.
      ntdll: Properly follow jumps when checking a function epilog.
      msvcrt: Create an i386-specific file for exception handling.
      msvcrt: Move more i386-specific exception code to except_i386.c.
      msvcrt: Add a new file for the x86_64 exception handling.
      msvcrt: Add entry points for the C++ exception functions on x86_64.
      msxml3: Avoid building code that isn't used without libxml.
      dbghelp: Add support for jump instructions in function epilogs on x86_64.
      Release 1.5.0.

Alistair Leslie-Hughes (6):
      advapi32: Correct tests under WOW64.
      mscoree: Add CoEEShutDownCOM stub.
      mssign32: Add stubs PvkFreeCryptProv, PvkGetCryptProv, PvkPrivateKeyAcquireContextFromMemory.
      advapi32: Assign a default value (clang).
      ole32/tests: Assign a default value (clang).
      mscoree: Better support RUNTIME_INFO_UPGRADE_VERSION in GetRequestedRuntimeInfo.

Andrew Eikum (2):
      winmm: Remove unused define.
      mciqtz: Actually assign result to the output structure.

André Hentschel (18):
      kernel32: Make GetModuleHandleA hotpatchable.
      kernel32: Make Sleep hotpatchable.
      iphlpapi: Make GetAdaptersAddresses hotpatchable.
      include: Add more error codes.
      dbghelp: Add arm_fetch_minidump_thread implementation.
      dbghelp: Silence arm_fetch_minidump_module.
      winedbg: Use copy of be_i386_fetch_float for be_arm_fetch_float (except of long double).
      winemaker: Abort on unhandled file formats.
      winemaker: Fix conversion of C++ filenames into object names.
      winedbg: Respect Thumb mode when adjusting PC on ARM.
      kernel32: Forward RtlPcToFileHeader to ntdll also on ARM.
      kernel32: Forward RtlRaiseException to ntdll on ARM.
      ntdll: Add support for dynamically generated stub entry points on ARM.
      ddraw: Fix a typo.
      inetcpl: Add stub for DllInstall.
      d3drm/tests: Add tests for IDirect3DRMFrameArray_GetElement.
      d3drm/tests: Add GetParent NULL pointer test.
      windowscodecs: Add stub for DllCanUnloadNow.

Aric Stewart (3):
      strmbase: Move the MediaSeekingPassThru functions from quartz into strmbase.
      strmbase: Rename MediaSeekingPassThru to RendererPosPassThru to match standard strmbase naming.
      wineqtdecoder: Ignore requests for IID_IAMFilterMiscFlags, we do not need to implement it.

Aurimas Fišeras (1):
      po: Update Lithuanian translation.

Austin English (6):
      ntoskrnl.exe: Add a stub for IoStartNextPacket.
      advapi32: Add a stub for RegDisableReflectionKey.
      kernel32: Add a stub for WerRegisterRuntimeExceptionModule.
      wusa: Add stub program.
      kernel32: Add stubs for DeleteVolumeMountPointA/W.
      wevtapi: Add stub dll.

Carlo Bramini (1):
      shlwapi: Implemented StrToInt64ExA/W.

Cheer Xiao (1):
      po: Update simplified Chinese translation.

Christian Costa (33):
      d3dxof: Make SaveTemplates stub return DXFILE_OK.
      d3dxof: Make sure the returned object pointer is null when there are no more children.
      d3dxof/tests: Do not print the string when GetName returned 0 byte.
      d3dxof/tests: Improve some messages.
      d3dxof: Check the right offset before dereferencing next byte.
      configure: Check if version of msgfmt (from gettext) is recent enough.
      d3dxof: Do not allow separator to terminate the string. Only the double quote can do that.
      d3drm: Turn some FIXME into TRACE.
      d3drm: Fix leakage of This->pCoords2d when releasing object.
      d3drm: Fix leakage of pData2 on error.
      amstream: Initialize MultiMediastream before creating the source filter.
      amstream: Remove duplicate GraphBuilder member.
      amstream: Add source filter to the filtergraph before loading the file.
      amstream: Free all used resources when releasing MultiMediaStream object.
      devenum: Reset moniker pointer before calling IFilterMapper2_RegisterFilter.
      d3dx9_36: Make D3DXVec3Unproject support omission of world matrix + test.
      attrib: Make command accept several arguments.
      d3drm: Fix some tests conditions.
      d3drm: Get data from the right objects (sub-objects).
      d3drm: Complete Load method by adding normals indices and terminating null DWORD to faces data + tests.
      strmbase: Allow constructor function to be NULL but display an error saying we don't implement the CLSID.
      amstream: Rewrite OpenFile flow in a more readable manner by using SUCCEEDED macro.
      amstream: Don't create the source filter. AddSourceFilter does it already.
      amstream: Don't load the stream file. AddSourceFilter does it already.
      amstream: Use 'Source' filter name for file source filter as in native.
      amstream: Retrieve some interfaces needed to control the stream.
      amstream: Create MediaStream filter when initialising AMMutiMediaStream.
      amstream: Get and store event for streams render completion.
      d3drm: Remove "partial stub" mention of forwarded methods.
      d3drm: Texture callback cannot be passed directly. Texture object argument is different so disable it for now.
      d3drm: Add refcount info to AddRef and Release traces.
      d3drm: If there is no texture coordinates in loaded mesh, generate default texture coordinates for each vertex.
      d3drm: Implement SetTextureCoordinates.

Dmitry Timoshkov (9):
      kernel32: Fix file test compilation with PSDK headers.
      kernel32: Add some CreateFile disposition and access tests.
      gdiplus: Create GDI brush only when needed.
      kernel32: Make CreateFile called with creation == 0 work when opening a vxd in win9x mode.
      gdiplus: Create GDI bitmap only when needed.
      server: OpenMutex should perform a real access check instead of validating access flags.
      gdiplus: Implement GdipCreateMetafileFromEmf.
      advapi32: Add some mutex security tests.
      advapi32: Fix failures in the security tests compiled with PSDK headers.

Eduardo García (2):
      po: Update Spanish translation.
      po: Update Spanish translation.

Erich Hoover (1):
      ntdll: Fix mapping sections for applications that map over the section headers.

Francois Gouget (1):
      mssign32: Add a trailing '\n' to a few FIXME() messages.

Frédéric Delanoy (2):
      winecfg: Avoid unneeded ellipsis in combo box item.
      po: Update French translation.

Hans Leidekker (11):
      advapi32: Implement CredMarshalCredential and CredUnmarshalCredential.
      winhttp: Fix up headers with wrong termination.
      msiexec: Support the "b!" UI option.
      msi: Deformat the description field of INSTALLMESSAGE_ACTIONDATA messages.
      msi: Implement MsiEnumProductsEx.
      msi: Reimplement MsiEnumProducts on top of MsiEnumProductsEx.
      msi: Perform a case insensitive match on filenames from cabinets.
      msi: Fix deleting services on installation.
      include: Add the IAssemblyName interface.
      sxs: Add a stub implementation of IAssemblyName.
      msi: Restrict the match on files from cabinets to files that have not been installed.

Hasan Kiran (1):
      po: Update Turkish translation.

Henri Verbeet (35):
      wined3d: Remove a transformed vertex loading hack in load_vertex_data().
      wined3d: Don't use floating point for surface height scaling.
      wined3d: Remove an outdated comment in state_zwritenable().
      wined3d: Remove an outdated comment from load_vertex_data().
      ddraw: Trace color keys in hex.
      d3dx9: Implement loading luminance/alpha data in D3DXLoadSurfaceFromMemory().
      d3dx9/tests: Add some tests for loading luminance/alpha data.
      wined3d: Use ARB_texture_rg for WINED3DFMT_R16G16_UNORM textures when available.
      wined3d: Remove a texture dimension check in state_alpha().
      ddraw: Get rid of IDirectDrawImpl.
      wined3d: Pass correctly offset pointers to surface_cpu_blt_compressed().
      wined3d: surface_cpu_blt() should always receive valid source and destination rectangles.
      wined3d: Also recognise the "classic" Mesa Nouveau driver for GeForce 4 and earlier cards.
      wined3d: GL_MAX_TEXTURE_COORDS_ARB is not available without ARB_fragment_program.
      ddraw: Get rid of IDirectDrawSurfaceImpl.
      d3d9: Cleanup IDirect3D9Impl_QueryInterface().
      d3d9/tests: Fix a couple of return value checks.
      d3d8/tests: Fix a couple of return value checks.
      ddraw/tests: Fix a couple of return value checks.
      ddraw: Get rid of IDirectDrawPaletteImpl.
      ddraw: Don't return a pointer to the implementation in ddraw7_QueryInterface().
      ddraw: Don't return a pointer to the implementation in IDirect3DDeviceImpl_7_QueryInterface().
      ddraw: Don't return a pointer to the implementation in IDirect3DMaterialImpl_QueryInterface().
      ddraw: Don't return a pointer to the implementation in IDirectDrawClassFactoryImpl_QueryInterface().
      ddraw: Get rid of IDirect3DLightImpl.
      d3d8: Don't return a pointer to the implementation in IDirect3DVolumeTexture8Impl_QueryInterface().
      d3d8: Don't return a pointer to the implementation in IDirect3DVolume8Impl_QueryInterface().
      d3d8: Don't return a pointer to the implementation in IDirect3DTexture8Impl_QueryInterface().
      d3d8: Don't return a pointer to the implementation in IDirect3DSwapChain8Impl_QueryInterface().
      ddraw: Get rid of IDirect3DViewportImpl.
      wined3d: The current WGL DC should never be NULL in wined3d_adapter_init_gl_caps().
      wined3d: Introduce a separate function for parsing the GL extension string.
      wined3d: Use the same code for parsing the WGL extension string as for the regular GL extension string.
      wined3d: Move the WGL extension detection code to the same place as regular GL extension detection.
      ddraw: Get rid of IDirect3DMaterialImpl.

Huw Davies (2):
      gdi32: Correctly propagate the enumproc's return value.
      gdi32: Remove unused variable.

Hwang YunSong (1):
      po: Update Korean translation.

Igor Paliychuk (1):
      po: Update Ukrainian translation.

Jacek Caban (55):
      mshtml: Get rid of no longer used silent argument of load_gecko.
      wininet: Added default fallback for setting handle options and use it for INTERNET_OPTION_CALLBACK.
      wininet: Use separate function for setting global options.
      wininet: Added INTERNET_OPTION_MAX_CONNS_PER_SERVER and INTERNET_OPTION_MAX_CONNS_PER_1_0_SERVER options setting implementation.
      wininet: Added separated function for querying global options.
      wininet: Added more connection limit options tests.
      include: Added msident.idl.
      widl: Removed unused idfile_token.
      widl: Make headers guards compatible with midl.
      jscript: Added IVariantChangeType stub implementation.
      jscript: Properly handle NULL strings in add_eval.
      jscript: Pass proper caller argument to InvokeEx.
      jscript: Removed no longer needed caller argument of disp_call function.
      jscript: Removed no longer needed disp_propget caller argument.
      jscript: Removed no longer needed disp_propput caller argument.
      mshtml: Recognize UTF-8 BOM.
      msident: Added stub DLL.
      jscript: Added ChangeType implementation.
      jscript: Added QueryService(SID_VariantConversion) implementation.
      jscript: Added VARIANT conversion tests.
      jscript: Removed no longer needed caller argument from jsdisp_call_value.
      jscript: Removed no longer needed caller argument from jsdisp_call_name.
      jscript: Removed no longer needed caller argument from jsdisp_propput_name and jsdisp_propget.
      jscript: Removed no longer needed caller argument from jsdisp_propput_idx.
      jscript: Removed no longer needed caller argument from jsdisp_propget_name.
      jscript: Removed no longer needed caller argument from jsdisp_get_idx.
      msident: Added DLL registration implementation.
      msident: Added CLSID_UserIdentityManager object stub implementation.
      msident: Added IUserIdentityManager::EnumIdentities implementation.
      jscript: Store bytecode_t in exec_ctx_t.
      jscript: Simplify compile_subscript_stat.
      jscript: Compile all function from given source in one run.
      jscript: Call script_parse from compile_script, not the other way around.
      jscript: Don't store compiler_ctx_t in parser_ctx_t.
      jscript: Store script context in exec_ctx_t.
      jscript: Store parser_ctx_t in bytecode_t instead of other way around.
      jscript: Removed no longer needed ref counting in parser_ctx_t.
      mshtml: Store more info about properties in func_info_t.
      mshtml: Don't use ITypeInfo for InvokeEx(DISPATCH_PROPERTYGET) implementation.
      mshtml: Don't use ITypeInfo for InvokeEx(DISPATCH_PROPERTYPUT) implementation.
      mshtml: Use caller for argument convertion in builtin_propput if available.
      mshtml: Added property value conversion type tests.
      jscript: Get rid of no longer needed caller argument from builtin_invoke_t.
      mshtml: Wine Gecko 1.5 release.
      mshtml: Get rid of PRBool in nsiface.idl.
      mshtml: Get rid of PRBool from nsio.c.
      mshtml: Get rid of PRBool from nsembed.c and nsservice.c.
      mshtml: Get rid of remaining PRBool usages.
      msxml3: Avoid BAD_CAST in schemasInit.
      ieframe: Use Custom IEnumOLEVERBVtbl implementation in IOleObject::EnumVerbs.
      ieframe: Added EnumVerbs tests.
      mshtml: Store filter in HTMLElement object.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLCurrentStyle2::get_filter implementation.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLCurrentStyle2::get_filter tests.
      mshtml: Don't overwrite type of result if property type is VT_VARIANT.

Jaka Kranjc (1):
      po: Preserve the previous msgid on change as a hint to translators.

Jozef Kucia (2):
      d3dx9/tests: Don't leak D3DXBuffer.
      d3dx9/tests: Don't leak D3DXBuffer in D3DXWeldVertices tests.

Julian Rüger (1):
      po: Update German translation.

Józef Kucia (2):
      wpp: Reset lexer state after unexpected end of file.
      d3dcompiler/tests: Add test for comments containing quotation marks.

Keith Bowes (1):
      po: Update Esperanto Translation.

Ken Thomases (3):
      ntdll: Fix status returned for too-long registry value names.
      gdi.exe16: Eliminate a couple of dead stores.
      shell32: Partially implement Mac Trash backing for the Recycle Bin.

Kusanagi Kouichi (7):
      gdi32: Add a helper function to find font link.
      gdi32: Move font signature of font link from Face to SYSTEM_LINKS.
      gdi32: Add a helper function to create a full name from a family name and a style name.
      gdi32: Add a helper function to get face list from family.
      gdi32: Simplify font replacement loading.
      gdi32: Remove unused parameters and code, and a useless wrapper function.
      gdi32: find_face_from_filename() needs to take font replacements into account.

Lauri Kenttä (3):
      cryptui: Use the same string in import and export wizards.
      cryptui: Use (*.ext) instead of (.ext) in file format strings.
      po: Update Finnish translation.

Matteo Bruni (5):
      wined3d: Clamp fog coordinate in the vertex shader.
      wined3d: Clamp fog coordinate in the ARB backend too.
      d3d9/tests: Reenable a VS fog test.
      d3d8/tests: Port fog_with_shader_test() from d3d9 tests.
      d3d9/tests: Add shader model 2 fog tests.

Michael Stefaniuc (2):
      riched20: Drop the WINE_ prefix from a FIXME.
      mmsystem.dll16: Drop the WINE_ prefix from a FIXME.

Nicolas Le Cam (1):
      msvcp90/tests: Don't redefine __thiscall.

Nikolay Sivov (17):
      msxml3: Add stub support of ISAXDeclHandler for MXWriter.
      msxml3: Support element declaration output in MXWriter.
      msxml3: Check for unsafe cast in addCollection().
      msxml3: Stub support for IMXAttributes.
      msxml3: Add stub ISAXAttributes for MXAttributes implementation.
      msxml3: Accept names in predicate expressions for XSLPattern queries.
      comctl32: Update thumb position on WM_MOUSEMOVE instead of deferring it.
      comctl32: Update thumb position on autopage instead of deferring it.
      msxml3: Implement IMXAttributes::addAttribute().
      msxml3: Implement ISAXAttributes::getLength() for MXAttributes.
      msxml3: Implement ISAXAttributes_getQName() for MXAttributes.
      msxml3: Implement getValue() for MXAttributes.
      msxml3: Implement getType() for MXAttributes.
      msxml3: Implement getIndexFromQName() for MXAttributes.
      po: Update Russian translation.
      msxml3: Implement getValueFromQName() for MXAttributes.
      msxml3: Added IVBSAXAttributes for MXAttributes.

Owen Rudge (8):
      comctl32/monthcal: Check both min and max ranges in IsDateInValidRange.
      comctl32/tests: Add test for DTM_SETSYSTEMTIME outside range limit.
      comctl32/datetime: Check dates are within range in SetSystemTime.
      comctl32/datetime: Ensure up/down/home/end increments remain within bounds.
      comctl32/datetime: Don't allow an invalid year to be typed in.
      comctl32/datetime: Don't check box if no valid date set.
      comctl32/datetime: Allow entering 'AM' or 'PM' via keyboard.
      comctl32/datetime: Fix AM/PM handling with 12-hour fields.

Petr Kočandrle (1):
      po: Update Czech translation.

Piotr Caban (29):
      include: Added IXMLGenericParse interface definition.
      mshtml: Set proposed MIME to text/html on main document.
      mshtml/tests: Test HTMLDocument without MIME type reported.
      urlmon: Added CopyBindInfo implementation.
      urlmon/tests: Added CopyBindInfo tests.
      urlmon: Use CopyBindInfo in InternetBindInfo_GetBindInfo.
      shlwapi: Lowercase schemes in UrlCombine function.
      urlmon: Added text/xml filter.
      urlmon: Reorganize FindMimeFromData implementation.
      urlmon/tests: Added text/xml mime filer tests.
      urlmon/tests: Mark results returned by older urlmon broken in FindMimeFromData tests.
      urlmon/tests: Show that text/plain and application/octet-stream mimes suggestions are ignorred.
      msxml3: Added XMLView class stub.
      msxml3/tests: Added XMLView QueryInterface tests.
      msxml3: Added internal function for loading xml from IMoniker.
      urlmon: Added missing memcpy in CopyBindInfo.
      msvcrt: Fixed printf behaviour on hexadecimal, zero-padded numbers.
      msxml3/tests: Skip tests when XMLView object fails to create.
      msxml3: Added partial XMLView IPersistMoniker_Load implementation.
      msxml3: Added XMLView IPersistMoniker_Load test.
      urlmon: Use wine lists to store namespaces and MIME filters.
      urlmon: Clean session related data in free_session function.
      urlmon: Search for MIME filters defined in registry in get_mime_filter.
      urlmon: Added GetBindResult implementation.
      urlmon/tests: Added GetBindResult tests.
      urlmon: Stop binding when OnDataAvailable fails.
      urlmon: Make name spaces comparison case insensitive.
      urlmon: Add mime handler layer before data is processed.
      urlmon/tests: Test PI_MIMEVERIFICATION when MIME filter is in use.

Stefan Dösinger (1):
      d3d8/tests: Port the depth blit test to d3d8.

Stefan Leichter (1):
      mgmtapi: New stub dll.

Thomas Faber (2):
      msvcp60: Fix build with MSVC.
      msvcp90: Fix build with MSVC.

Vincent Povirk (13):
      gdiplus: Rewrite SOFTWARE_GdipFillRegion to call brush_fill_pixels less.
      gdiplus: Store a real path in path gradient brushes.
      gdiplus: Add stub GdipGetPathGradientPath with tests.
      gdiplus: Set path gradient center points based on the path's bounding rect.
      gdiplus: Add tests for path gradient center point functions.
      gdiplus: Fill path gradients with a solid color.
      gdiplus: Do some actual color blending when drawing path gradients.
      gdiplus: Add fixme's for unimplemented path gradient features.
      gdiplus: Add test for GdipGetPathGradientSurroundColorsWithCount.
      gdiplus: Don't add control points to the result in GdipFlattenPath.
      gdiplus: Test SetSurroundColors with fewer colors than points on the path.
      gdiplus: Implement path gradient surround color accessors.
      gdiplus: Use the surround colors in path gradient rendering.


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