[pkg-wine-party] Call for testing: First attempt at a Multi-Arch/WoW64 setup

Hilko Bengen bengen at debian.org
Thu Jun 28 17:20:46 UTC 2012

Here are the patches after 1.4.1-1.1. Dependencies are still
incomplete, but I have been able to build co-installable libwine,
libwine-bin packages.

To get a WoW64 setup, the following packages are needed:

wine-bin:amd64, libwine-server:amd64, libwine:i386, libwine:amd64,
libwine-bin:i386, libwine-bin:amd64. I'd like to hear suggestions on
how this informal description should be put into dependencies.

For quick testing, I have built a trivial hello-world program for
Win32 and Win64 and have been able to run both binaries with both wine
and wine64.

wine, wine64, and wineserver have been mvoed back to /usr/bin. Only
one instance of wineserver is needed. I'm interested in comment
regarding that choice. I think that the 32/64 bit split of the
alternatives mechanism is not needed at all and should be removed.


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