[pkg-wine-party] [SCM] Debian Wine packaging annotated tag, wine-1.5.16, created. wine-1.5.16

Alexandre Julliard julliard at winehq.org
Sat Jun 15 23:23:09 UTC 2013

The annotated tag, wine-1.5.16 has been created
        at  1d322aa2ba3df21e02f61023cbb32f18b011d59c (tag)
   tagging  9c96e843336fa71b2664fc40386d29bce231388a (commit)
  replaces  wine-1.5.15
 tagged by  Alexandre Julliard
        on  Fri Oct 26 20:12:42 2012 +0200

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Release 1.5.16
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Akihiro Sagawa (3):
      cmd: Properly handle multibyte characters in batch files.
      ntdll: Add ReturnLength test for NtQuerySystemInformation with SystemProcessInformation.
      ntdll: Calculate SystemProcessInformation's ReturnLength and return it.

Alexandre Julliard (37):
      user32: Flush window surfaces in all functions that are used to poll for input.
      winex11: Remove the no longer needed GetAsyncKeyState entry point.
      gdi32: Always return the full DIB surface in GetImage and adjust coordinates accordingly.
      winex11: Move the icon window off-screen for managed windows.
      user32: Don't show the icon title for off-screen icons.
      winex11: Get rid of the __wine_x11_managed property.
      user32: Delay message spying initialization until needed.
      gdi32: Store the object type directly in the GDI handle table.
      gdi32: Store the object function table directly in the GDI handle table.
      gdi32: Store the HDC list directly in the GDI handle table.
      gdi32: Process the object HDC list outside of the critical section.
      gdi32: Store the object selection count directly in the GDI handle table.
      gdi32: Store the object flags directly in the GDI handle table.
      gdi32: Get rid of the RGNOBJ type, instead store a pointer to the region itself.
      gdi32: Get rid of the METAFILEOBJ type, instead store a pointer to the metafile data.
      gdi32: Get rid of the GDIOBJHDR type.
      server: Fix propagation of the pixel format flag when the parent window is changed.
      gdi32: Add a generation count in the high word of GDI handles.
      user32: Don't free a clip region twice.
      winex11: Don't delete the DC if it's not for a valid pbuffer.
      comctl32/tests: Don't delete the global font object.
      oleaut32/tests: Delete the correct object in the icon test.
      gdi32/tests: Avoid deleting invalid objects.
      user32/tests: Don't release a random DC handle.
      winex11: Never use a surface for embedded windows, even for the parents.
      gdi32: Update the ref count of stock objects when deleting a DC.
      winex11: Remove some remainders of the ddraw HAL support.
      explorer: Remove support for the old-style X11 desktop configuration key.
      gdi32: Export a function to retrieve the module handle of the graphics driver for a DC.
      user32: Retrieve the graphics driver module from gdi32.
      Revert "winex11: Refuse to set the pixel format for HWND_MESSAGE windows."
      fusion/tests: Remove a broken macro.
      gdi32: Remove an unused DC field.
      gdi32: Add a DC hook flag to reset the DC state.
      winex11: Ignore WM_PAINT for layered system tray icons.
      gdi32: Fix mapping of symbol font glyphs even when no encoding is specified.
      Release 1.5.16.

André Hentschel (32):
      vcomp: Sync spec files.
      d3drm: Fix memcpy arguments for matrix transformations (coverity).
      view: Buffer size of GetFileTitleW is in characters, not bytes (coverity).
      winedbg: Buffer size includes the quotes (coverity).
      winedbg: Fix check for register number (coverity).
      wing32: Use the correct size for memcpy (coverity).
      wing32: Use the correct size for memcpy (coverity).
      atl: Warn when CoRegisterClassObject fails.
      gdiplus/tests: Fix out-of-bounds access (coverity).
      ntdll/tests: Remove duplicate function prototypes (coverity).
      msi/tests: Make multiline macros blocks (coverity).
      usp10: Add missing break in switch (coverity).
      d3dx9_36/tests: Fix sizeof to be more portable (coverity).
      d3d9/tests: Fix copy-paste error (coverity).
      cryptdlg: Fix copy-paste error (coverity).
      gdi32: Fix copy-paste error (coverity).
      windowscodecs: Fix copy-paste error (coverity).
      netapi32: Fix copy-paste error (coverity).
      rpcrt4: Fix copy-paste error (coverity).
      ieframe: Check for null before dereferencing it (coverity).
      gameux: Avoid double free (coverity).
      browseui: HeapFree after deleting the cs (coverity).
      gdiplus: Fix order of GdipFrees (coverity).
      windowscodecs: Fix resource leak (coverity).
      d3dx9_36: Fix free of address-of expression (coverity).
      gdi32: Fix free of address-of expression (coverity).
      iphlpapi: Close socket on failed HeapAlloc (coverity).
      cabinet: Reorder code to make sure str is freed (coverity).
      comdlg32: Free tmp_files after it's used (coverity).
      d3dcompiler_43: Free assignment on error (coverity).
      d3dx9_36: Free object on error (coverity).
      winedbg: Cleanup if gdb startup fails (coverity).

Aric Stewart (2):
      imm32: Switch the value of IMMGWL_IMC in the UI window when a new imc opens.
      winemenubuilder: Scale 64x64 classic icons to 128x128 for Icns format.

Christian Costa (20):
      amstream: Get rid of (IBaseFilter*) casts.
      amstream: Cleanup MediaStreamFilterImpl_QueryInterface.
      amstream: Implement BasePinImpl_CheckMediaType in media stream filter.
      amstream: Implement BasePinImp_GetMediaType in media stream filter.
      dinput: Replace FIXMEs by TRACEs in dump function.
      ntoskrnl.exe: Add stub for IoAcquireRemoveLockEx.
      kernel32: Implement FileNameInfo in GetFileInformationByHandleEx.
      qcap: Remove useless FIXME.
      amstream: Specifying a stream object in params is not yet supported.
      krnl386.exe: Implement INT 33h function 15h.
      d3dxof: Display new ref count in AddRef & Release.
      d3drm: Fix wrong condition.
      d3drm: Fix child leak.
      d3drm: Enum all materials even if only the first one is handled.
      d3drm: Fix normals computation and add according tests.
      d3dxof/tests: Document dump function and rename X files with .x extension.
      krnl386.exe: If we use operands order of AT&T asm syntax, we'd better use % for registers as in winedbg and GNU assembler to avoid confusion.
      d3dxof: Fix remaining 'objects.txt' filename.
      d3drm: When creating a mesh, if all faces have the same number of vertex, set vertex_per_face and don't put nb indices in face data.
      krnl386.exe: Display FIXME instead of ERR for instructions that are not well implemented.

Dan Kegel (2):
      vcomp: No-op stub for _vcomp_barrier.
      vcomp: No-op stubs for _vcomp_single_begin, _vcomp_single_end.

Daniel Jelinski (5):
      comctl32: Allow expanding/collapsing treeview nodes multiple times.
      comctl32: Do not send TVN_ITEMEXPANDING when expanding item with no children.
      comctl32: Fix notifications and return value when collapsing already collapsed node.
      comctl32/tests: Expanding/collapsing a node always sends associated messages.
      regedit: Disallow editing root key names.

Daniel Lehman (10):
      msvcp: Sync num_get<>::_Getifld.
      msvcp90: Fix num_get<>::_Getffld.
      msvcp: Free facet and _Locimp in Locimp dtor.
      msvcp90: In num_put, use default precision of 6 if 0 and not fixed.
      msvcp: Sync num_put<> put_double.
      msvcp90: Set failbit at end of istream<>::sentry::_Ipfx.
      msvcp90: Set state at end of istream<>::ignore.
      msvcp: Sync istream<>::_ignore.
      msvcp90: In istream::seekg, don't use sentry and clear state.
      msvcp: Sync istream<>::seekg implementations.

Detlef Riekenberg (2):
      dsound/tests: Handle broken E_FAIL in dsound8 for AC97.
      dsound/tests: Handle broken E_FAIL of broken AC97 driver.

Dmitry Timoshkov (5):
      user32: Make sure that window's normal_rect is initialized at window creation time.
      gdiplus: Fix a typo leading to incorrect character width calculation in GdipMeasureDriverString.
      gdiplus: Test also lf.lfEscapement and lf.lfOrientation returned by GdipGetLogFont.
      gdiplus: Move internal helper get_log_fontW() out of public GdipGetLogFontW() export.
      gdiplus: GdipGetLogFont should use device scale and transform when appropriate.

Francois Gouget (7):
      d3dcompiler_43: Make free_function{_decl}() static.
      user32/tests: Add a trailing '\n' to an ok() call.
      shell32/tests: Fix a test_argify() check that fails on NT4 and Windows 2000.
      msvcp100: Make MSVCP_basic_string_char_append_len_ch() static.
      wined3d: Add a trailing '\n' to a Wine trace.
      shell32: Standardize on the ShellExecuteEx() terminology.
      Assorted spelling tweaks and fixes.

Frédéric Delanoy (18):
      cmd/tests: Add tests for LSS comparison operator in "if" statements.
      cmd/tests: Add tests for LEQ comparison operator in "if" statements.
      cmd/tests: Add tests for EQU comparison operator in "if" statements.
      cmd/tests: Add tests for NEQ comparison operator in "if" statements.
      cmd/tests: Add tests for GEQ comparison operator in "if" statements.
      cmd/tests: Add tests for GTR comparison operator in "if" statements.
      cmd/tests: Add tests for mixed number/stringified numbers comparisons in "if" statements.
      cmd: Correctly set the 'raw' parameter in calls to WCMD_parameter in WCMD_if.
      cmd: Get rid of longer needed 'end' parameter in WCMD_parameter.
      cmd: Move common error reporting code in WCMD_if.
      cmd: Avoid using strstr to match == operator in WCMD_if.
      cmd: Add support for LSS comparison operator in if statements.
      cmd: Add support for LEQ comparison operator in if statements.
      cmd: Add support for EQU comparison operator in if statements.
      cmd: Add support for NEQ comparison operator in if statements.
      cmd: Add support for GEQ comparison operator in if statements.
      cmd: Add support for GTR comparison operator in if statements.
      cmd: Display a clearer error message for not found commands.

Hans Leidekker (16):
      wbemprox: Implement StdRegProv.GetStringValue.
      wbemprox: Pass an object instance to class methods.
      wbemprox: Keep a reference to the table from uncommitted instances.
      wbemprox: The last parameter to IWbemClassObject::GetMethod is optional.
      wbemprox: Implement Win32_Service.PauseService.
      wbemprox: Implement Win32_Service.ResumeService.
      wbemprox: Implement Win32_Service.StartService.
      wbemprox: Implement Win32_Service.StopService.
      wbemprox: Add tests for Win32_Service methods.
      mapi32: Forward WrapCompressedRTFStream to the registered provider, if any.
      credui: Show the save password checkbox if both CREDUI_FLAGS_DO_NOT_PERSIST and CREDUI_FLAGS_SHOW_SAVE_CHECK_BOX are specified.
      credui: Don't save credentials if CREDUI_FLAGS_DO_NOT_PERSIST is specified.
      credui: Don't show a dialog if existing credentials can be found.
      advapi32: Only require a domain in the username for CRED_PERSIST_ENTERPRISE credentials.
      winhttp: Pass the redirect policy setting down to request objects.
      winhttp: Respect the redirect policy setting.

Henri Verbeet (50):
      wined3d: Use the correct relative address for constant buffers in the GLSL shader backend.
      wined3d: Recognise SM4 scalar swizzles.
      wined3d: Use a common function for parsing SM4 source and destination parameters.
      wined3d: Introduce a structure for shader register indices.
      wined3d: Handle SM1 comments in the frontend.
      wined3d: Explicitly check the shader type in shader_glsl_texldl().
      wined3d: Explicitly check the shader type in shader_glsl_mov().
      wined3d: Recognise the SM4 "primID" register type.
      ddraw: Get rid of some fallback code in CreateSurface().
      ddraw: Just implement ddraw7_RestoreDisplayMode() on top of wined3d_set_adapter_display_mode().
      wined3d: Handle WINED3DSPR_PRIMID in the GLSL shader backend.
      ddraw: Prevent mode changes when a different ddraw object is in exclusive mode.
      ddraw: Only restore the display mode if we changed it.
      ddraw: When restoring the display mode, use the mode set before the first mode change on any ddraw object.
      ddraw/tests: Add some display mode set / restore tests with multiple ddraw objects.
      wined3d: Explicitly check the shader type in shader_glsl_gen_sample_code().
      wined3d: Explcitly check the shader type in shader_glsl_get_sample_function().
      wined3d: Implement WINED3DSIH_UDIV in the GLSL shader backend.
      wined3d: Implement WINED3DSIH_USHR in the GLSL shader backend.
      user32: Implement GetRawInputDeviceList().
      wined3d: Explicitly check the shader type in shader_glsl_get_register_name().
      wined3d: Explicitly check the shader type in shader_glsl_load_constantsF().
      wined3d: Implement WINED3DSIH_ROUND_NI in the GLSL shader backend.
      wined3d: Merge most of the code for shader_glsl_cmp() and shader_glsl_cnd().
      user32: Implement GetRawInputDeviceInfoW().
      wined3d: Also read comments in shader_sm1_is_end().
      wined3d: Use shader_glsl_get_prefix() in shader_glsl_gen_sample_code().
      wined3d: Merge a couple of shader type specific blocks in shader_generate_glsl_declarations().
      wined3d: Implement WINED3DSIH_MOVC in the GLSL shader backend.
      user32: Implement GetRawInputDeviceInfoA().
      wined3d: Explicitly check the shader type in shader_generate_glsl_declarations().
      wined3d: Move shader_is_pshader_version() and shader_is_vshader_version() to the ARB program shader backend.
      include: Add the D3DDisassemble() prototype and flags.
      wined3d: Get rid of the mostly unused "num_textures_used" field from arbfp_ffp_desc.
      d3dx9: Avoid LPDIRECT3DPIXELSHADER9.
      d3d10: Implement D3D10DisassembleShader().
      wined3d: Set texture_level in surface_set_texture_target() as well.
      wined3d: Remove some dead code from gen_ffp_instr().
      ddraw: Move the mipmap desc fixup code to ddraw_surface_create_texture() from device_parent_create_texture_surface().
      wined3d: Replace the face and level parameters to device_parent_create_texture_surface() with the sub-resource index.
      wined3d: Make the shader backend responsible for controlling the fixed function fragment pipe.
      d3dx9: Avoid LPDIRECT3DCUBETEXTURE9.
      d3dx9: Avoid LPDIRECT3DTEXTURE9.
      d3dx9: Avoid LPDIRECT3DBASETEXTURE9.
      d3dx9: Avoid LPDIRECT3DINDEXBUFFER9.
      winealsa: Avoid depending on ddraw.h.
      winex11: Avoid depending on ddraw.h.

Huw Davies (9):
      gdi32: Make get_glyph_bitmap return a dib_info structure in order to avoid code duplication.
      fonts: 10-pixel strikes for Tahoma.
      gdi32: Pass a dib_info structure to draw_glyph.
      gdi32: Pass individual x, y co-ords to draw_glyph rather than a POINT.
      gdi32: Use the helper to draw the glyphs.
      gdi32: Move the string rendering code to a common function.
      fonts: 10-pixel strikes for Tahoma bold.
      gdi32: Simplify the code for charmap selection.
      gdi32: Use a symbol charmap if all else fails.

Jacek Caban (47):
      vbscript: Added Chr implementation.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLLinkElement stub implementation.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLLinkElement::disabled property implementation.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLLinkElement::rel property implementation.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLLinkElement::type property implementation.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLLinkElement::href property implementation.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLBodyElement::onload property implementation.
      mshtml: Moved HTMLScriptElement declaration to separated header.
      mshtml: Added beginning IHTMLScriptElement::put_src implementation.
      mshtml: Return early from BindToDocument if possible.
      mshtml: Added support for IHTMLScriptElement::put_src calls during parser callback.
      mshtml: Added support for IHTMLScriptElement::put_src on detached elements.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLScriptElement::put_src tests.
      mshtml: Fixed tests on old IEs.
      vbscript: Pass arguments to builtin functions in natural order.
      vbscript: Allow specifying simple builtin constants without proper getter.
      vbscript: Use simplified builtin constants for more constants.
      mshtml: Added HTMLImgElement::onabort implementation.
      mshtml: Added IOmNavigator::onLine semi-stub.
      mshtml: Use detach_inner_window in release_inner_window.
      mshtml: Make HTMLInnerWindow the owner of timers.
      mshtml: Moved remove_target_tasks to detach_inner_window.
      mshtml: Fixed trace message.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLImgElement::get_complete implementation.
      vbscript: Added support for HTML comments.
      vbscript: Added HTML comments tests.
      mshtml: Added HTML comments in VBScript code tests.
      jscript: Use jsstr_t for passing strings to regexp matching functions.
      mshtml: Properly handle OOM errors in task.c (coverity).
      mshtml: Properly handle OOM errors in script.c (coverity).
      mshtml: Properly handle OOM errors in omnavigator.c (coverity).
      mshtml: Properly handle OOM errors in nsio.c (coverity).
      mshtml: Properly handle OOM errors in navigate.c (coverity).
      mshtml: Properly handle OOM errors in htmlnode.c (coverity).
      mshtml: Fixed error handling of IBindCtx_GetObjectParam (coverity).
      mshtml: Fixed attribute object caching logic.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLLocation::toString implementation.
      mshtml: Set 'this' to window object for onload handlers.
      mshtml: Added more events tests.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLStyle::clear property implementation.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLIFrameElement::height property implementation.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLIFrameElement::width property implementation.
      mshtml: Get rid of no longer used painting fallback for missing Gecko.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLFrameBase::marginHeight property implementation.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLFrameBase::marginWidth property implementation.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLWindow2::onblur property implementation.
      jscript: Optimize object refcount handling.

James Eder (7):
      ntdll: Add support for cpuid on x86_64.
      ntdll: Add more feature detection in get_cpuinfo().
      ntdll: Handle CPU Level (family) as a vendor specific component.
      ntdll: Add detection for Revision in get_cpuinfo().
      ntdll: Add detection for PF_SSE_DAZ_MODE_AVAILABLE.
      ntdll: Use build-time API detection instead of OS detection for finding the number of processors.
      ntdll: Split up feature detection by architecture.

Jason Edmeades (21):
      cmd: Fix regression around prompting during copy.
      cmd: Rework parameter parsing for WCMD_Copy.
      cmd: Rework the body of WCMD_copy based on new parameter parsing.
      cmd: Fix some issues with ~ modifier expansion.
      cmd: Add suite of tests for the copy command.
      cmd: Support copy to an 'ascii' destination.
      cmd: Add full support for copy concatenation and ascii/binary.
      cmd: cmd /c "pgmname" searches all extensions on PATHEXT.
      cmd: Identify the program name using more appropriate parsing.
      cmd: %* expands to first non-whitespace delimiter of first arg.
      cmd: Handle very odd delimiter support for command line.
      cmd: Rename parameter passed to builtin calls.
      cmd: Add support for calling a built in command.
      cmd: Add support parsing for /f options and implement skip.
      cmd: Refactor building a list of directories out of WCMD_for.
      cmd: Use a common function for the string parsing in for /f.
      cmd: Implement support for for /f eol=c option.
      cmd: Add support for usebackq (for /f).
      cmd: Correct for /f string and command set handling.
      cmd: Strip quotes from for /f string before attempting to parse it.
      cmd: Add for /f delims= support.

Józef Kucia (5):
      d3dx9/tests: Only release a texture when it was created.
      d3dx9: Introduce a separate pixel format type for compressed pixel formats.
      d3dx9: Do not try to fill textures other than ARGB in fill texture functions.
      d3dx9/tests: Add tests for filling floating-point textures.
      d3dx9/tests: Add a simple test for filling compressed textures.

Jörg Höhle (4):
      mciseq: Correct MCI_SEEK return codes.
      mciseq: Fix some MCIERROR_* codes (MCI_STATUS).
      mciseq: Fix reading MCI_INFO_NAME and COPYRIGHT from MIDI file.
      mciseq: The code can only handle up to 128 MIDI tracks.

Ken Thomases (2):
      winemenubuilder: Use proper marker (negative index) for unused icon slot.
      winex11: Fix name of extension WGL_NV_render_texture_rectangle.

Maarten Lankhorst (4):
      ntdll: Set SO_PASSCRED before connecting to eliminate a race condition in obtaining server_pid.
      mmdevapi: Fix a broken test.
      winmm: Do not blindly reset device when already stopped.
      dsound: Fix IDirectSoundCaptureBuffer Start/Stop, with tests.

Marcus Meissner (6):
      kernel32: Buffer size is in characters (Coverity).
      winefile: Check index before buffer overread (Coverity).
      winex11.drv: Free bitmap info after being done (Coverity).
      shell32: Avoid memory leaking buf (Coverity).
      cryptnet: Avoid memory leak of info (Coverity).
      dbghelp: Size of the floating point stack registers is 10 bytes (Coverity).

Matteo Bruni (6):
      wined3d: Split GPU vendor and GL vendor handling in GPU recognition.
      wined3d: Improve a Nvidia GPU recognition fallback.
      wined3d: Add a D3D10-level fallback for Intel GPU recognition.
      wined3d: Provide a better fallback for D3D10 AMD GPUs.
      wined3d: Recognize AMD Radeon HD 5000 series GPUs on recent binary drivers.
      wined3d: Add new Radeon HD 6670 GL renderer string.

Michael Stefaniuc (3):
      jscript: Move 'inline' to the beginning of the declaration.
      user32: Remove redundant sizeof check.
      user32: Use FIELD_OFFSET to calculate the size of a struct with variable length array.

Nikolay Sivov (25):
      dwrite: Correct reference count behavior for font face interface.
      ole32: Fix debug output for user marshal flags.
      ole32: Cleanup IRpcChannelBuffer.
      ole32: Store destination context data in channel buffer.
      ole32: Store destination context and context data in server channel.
      ole32: Cleanup IMultiQI interface of proxy manager.
      ole32: Cleanup IMarshal interface of proxy manager.
      ole32: Cleanup IClientSecurity interface of a proxy manager.
      dwrite: Implement GetMetrics() for IDWriteFont.
      dwrite: Store text string in layout object.
      dwrite: Added a stub for IDWriteFontCollection.
      dwrite: Fix a stupid copy/paste typo in Release return value.
      dwrite: Add all installed font families to system font collection.
      dwrite: Implement FindFamilyName() for system font collection.
      dwrite: Keep a single instance of system font collection.
      dwrite: Implement IDWriteTextFormat::GetFontCollection().
      dwrite: Implement GetFontFamily() for system font collection.
      dwrite: Added basic GetFirstMatchingFont() for font family.
      dwrite: Separate format data and keep it in both layout and text format.
      dwrite: Implement some font properties accessors for IDWriteTextFormat.
      dwrite: Derive some format data for text layout from specified text format.
      dwrite: Partially implement IDWriteFontFace::GetGlyphIndices().
      dwrite: Keep string length in text layout.
      dwrite: Layout can't be created without text format.
      dwrite: Added GetLocaleNameLength/GetLocaleName for text format and layout.

Piotr Caban (26):
      msvcrt: Fixed tmpfile implementation.
      msvcp100: Added _Yarn<char> class implementation.
      msvcp100/tests: Added _Yarn<char> class tests.
      msvcp100: Store locale string in _Yarn<char> class.
      msvcp60: Added more std::getline functions.
      msvcp90: Fixed strstreambuf_ctor_get implementation.
      msvcp90: Added _Nomemory implementation.
      msvcp71: Added strstream class implementation.
      msvcp71: Added ostrstream class implementation.
      msvcp71: Added istrstream destructor implementation.
      msvcp71: Fixed basic_string::ptr implementation.
      msvcp60: Fixed overflow in basic_string_char_find_cstr_substr function.
      msvcp60: Fixed basic_stringbuf class structure.
      msvcp: Sync implementations.
      advapi32: Validate arguments in StartServiceCtrlDispatcher.
      advapi32: Return from StartServiceCtrlDispatcher when service status is changed to stopped.
      advapi32: Don't terminate service when its last thread has exited.
      services: Kill service thread after timeout so it can terminate cleanly.
      services: Added tests for service thread termination without setting service state to stopped.
      msvcp60: Copy correct number of characters in basic_string::_Grow.
      msvcrt: Fixed _ungetwc implementation.
      msvcp90: Convert characters to unsigned char before passing them to functions operating on integers.
      msvcp: Sync implementations.
      ieframe: Added CSS_NORESIZE style to toolbar window.
      ieframe: Handle rebar height changes.
      msvcp100: Fixed ios_base structure.

Qian Hong (7):
      gdi32/tests: Fixed broken value in bitmap font metrics on Japanese locale.
      gdi32/tests: Fixed broken bitmap font metrics test on CJK locales.
      gdi32/tests: Fixed broken value in bitmap font metrics on Arabic locale.
      gdi32/tests: Skip some broken bitmap font metrics tests on Arabic locale.
      gdi32/tests: Marked EnumFontFamiliesEx_default_charset test on Arabic locale as broken.
      gdi32/tests: Declared system_lang_id as a global variable.
      gdi32/tests: Fixed typo in localized name tests.

Rico Schüller (2):
      d3dx9: Fix calculation when in and out overlap in D3DXSHRotateZ().
      wined3d: Fix return value for WINED3DFMT_ATI2N in CheckTextureCapability().

Sergey Guralnik (1):
      user32: Add internal class small icons.

Thomas Faber (1):
      widl: Use 'class' for coclass typedefs in C++.

Vincent Povirk (2):
      mscoree: Update Wine Mono to 0.0.8.
      Revert "wine.inf: Add .NET keys to the 64-bit registry.".


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