[Pkg-xfce-devel] xfce4-terminal

Simon Huggins huggie@earth.li
Wed, 18 May 2005 16:04:54 +0100

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On Wed, May 18, 2005 at 04:23:12PM +0200, Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> * Simon Huggins <huggie@earth.li> [050518 15:52]:
> > > But it's wrong, considering that it is perfectly reasonable to run
> > > both GNUstep and Xfce on the same machine. Isn't it?=20
> > People use GNUstep?!?! ;)
> Yes, they do.  And do you know what?  Some computers are used by more
> than one person, with DIFFERENT software.


You see that smilie on the end of that line?  I meant that as an
entirely tongue in cheek remark.

> > xfce4-terminal is an extra for xfce4.  It's not part of the core, we
> > won't make xfce4 depend on it (though we might Suggest it) so I
> > don't really see the problem.
> The Problem is, that there might be people out there, who want to
> install BOTH, xfce4-terminal AND the gnustep terminal.

Yes, I'm not /quite/ as stupid as you've painted me here.  I do realise

> > I think we should conflict and use Terminal (as well as xfce4-terminal
> > if you like).
> Again, please explain me, why you need to conflict with that package,
> when it is perfectly possible to have both packages installed, and
> even run both terminals at the same time?


If we want it to be usr/bin/Terminal then:
	- either we conflict
	- or we use dpkg-divert which is a bit evil and hard to ensure
	  you do correctly in all upgrade/downgrade/removal cases.
	  Also I believe this means you need cooperation from the
	  terminal package.

If we don't want it to be Terminal:
	- we will have more confused users
	- upstream docs will conflict with our setup

I would prefer Terminal.

I'd also prefer that you try not to get quite so emotive here Alexander.
I don't really want to see a mirror of Debian's failed lists here if we
can avoid it.

I understand that this is going to conflict with the GNUstep app but the
way I see it is that xfce4-terminal is a minor package an addon to xfce
that is going to be popular with pure xfce4 users.  But it's not the end
of the world if they can't install it, they can use one of the many
other xterms.

I can't see a nice way to resolve "my partner uses the GNUstep terminal
but I want xfce4-terminal installed" without also breaking the fact that
the name of the software is Terminal and that's what it'll end up called
everywhere else.

Simon Huggins  \ "That's why we like you, Mulder; your ideas are weirder
                \ than ours." - Byers
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