[Pkg-xfce-devel] xfce4-terminal

Alexander Schmehl alexander@schmehl.info
Wed, 18 May 2005 17:48:53 +0200

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* Simon Huggins <huggie@earth.li> [050518 17:04]:

> If we don't want it to be Terminal:
> 	- we will have more confused users

Are you sure?  Most users I know invoke their terminal via menu, taskbar
or don't care and use (indirectly)

> 	- upstream docs will conflict with our setup

Yes, I agree that this isn't nice, but we could easily add an entry do
NEWS.Debian and/or README.Debian.

> I'd also prefer that you try not to get quite so emotive here Alexander.
> I don't really want to see a mirror of Debian's failed lists here if we
> can avoid it.

Yes, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have send the mail, with all it's
capitalized words.  Sorry.

> I can't see a nice way to resolve "my partner uses the GNUstep terminal
> but I want xfce4-terminal installed" without also breaking the fact that
> the name of the software is Terminal and that's what it'll end up called
> everywhere else.

We don't talk about partners.  We have at our universitie a computer
pool with more than 50 computers, where both, gnustep and xfce (and
severel other desktop environments) are installed, with with more than
500 Users.

I know similar things from other admins out there.

It wouldn't be the first time, a binary is renamed in Debian.  Take for
example the modula2 compiler "mocka" (okay, it's non-free and i386
only).  The binary is called "mc", which colides of course with the
midnight commander.  Therefore the binary in the Debian package is
renamed to "mocka", which is of course not mentioned in any book about
modula or in the scripts the two mocka using Profesors hand out.  But
our students don't care, they find it, they use it, they taunt the prof
for not mentioning it and using that language.

So, I came to the conclusion, that it still should be xfce4-terminal.
And I think it is an improvement, because nearly all other binaries
start with xfce4-.

Yours sincerely,


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