[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#445172: Bug#445172: xfce4: XFCE doesn't register keyboard shortcuts on startup; acts as if Alt were constantly pressed

Simon Huggins huggie at earth.li
Mon Oct 8 18:29:30 UTC 2007

On Wed, Oct 03, 2007 at 02:53:20PM -0400, xsdg wrote:
> When I start xfce using the `startxfce4` script, the desktop starts
> up, and none of the shortcuts (window manager or keyboard shortcuts)
> work at all.  If I start the Settings Manager, this behavior does not
> change.  After clicking on "Keyboard," however, the keyboard shortcuts
> will become available.  However, at this point, they act as if <Alt>
> were constantly in effect -- if I hit <F2> with the default keyboard
> shortcuts, the application launcher will start.  This also happens if
> I hit <Alt>+<F2>.

> Something similar happens with window manager shortcuts.  They do not
> become available until I enter the "Window Manager" preference panel,
> switch to the "Keyboard" tab, and then switch shortcut "themes".
> After that, they again react as if <Alt> were constantly in effect.

> At this point, running `xev` reports that everything seems to be
> working as expected -- hitting "e" causes a KeyPress and KeyRelease
> with state 0x0, and hitting <Alt-L>+e causes an Alt-L KeyPress with
> state 0x0, an "e" KeyPress with state 0x8, an "e" KeyRelease with
> state 0x8, and last, an Alt-L KeyRelease with state 0x0.  Hitting "e"
> thereafter confirms that the modifer state is back to 0x0 after the
> Alt-L KeyRelease.

> If I hit one of the enabled keyboard shortcuts, `xev` reports a
> FocusOut event, followed (when the new window closes) by a FocusIn
> event (The window manager is configured to give new windows focus
> automatically; this is the default setting).  That `xev` doesn't
> report any KeyPress or KeyRelease events suggests that the keypress is
> being stolen higher up.

> Oddly enough, if I restart xfwm4 (without restarting the X server),
> then the wm shortcuts start working properly; if I restart
> xfce-mcs-manager, the keyboard shortcuts start working properly as
> well.

> At this point, everything works normally -- I can switch keyboard and
> wm shortcut themes and they behave as if the Alt key is in its proper
> state, be that pressed or unpressed.  (Specifically, after they are
> restarted once, the odd Alt behavior does not recur if I switch
> shortcut themes)

> If I restart X, this behavior returns to the first state (none of the
> shortcuts working), at which point I can again enable them by entering
> the proper settings panels.

> Needless to say, this makes using my desktop incredibly frustrating.
> Especially since I'm still in the setup phase of this system, and will
> be restarting fairly frequently.

Hrm, how bizarre.  Your locale is en_US is there anything odd about your
keyboard setup in your X config?  Can you give us the lines you have?

Do you have any Xmodmap files or any other local keyboard config that
might be getting in the way?

Does this still happen if you just use startx?


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