[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#466687: Bug#466687: xfce4: windows are not being redrawn correctly when moving - nv/nvidia driver Xinerama, dualhead

Jan Capek jca at sysgo.com
Wed Feb 27 16:02:12 UTC 2008


Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:
> On jeu, 2008-02-21 at 18:21 +0100, Jan Capek wrote:
>> Disabling xinerama 'solves' the problem however at that point I am
>> stuck 
>> with 2 independent screens that are not of much use for me.
> Ok.
>> I am not sure, maybe I should file a bug somewhere in the 'nv',
>> 'nvidia' 
>> driver area. However, this bug seems to trigger with xfce4 only.
> Well, could you try in metacity or openbox, wich support xinerama pretty
> well?
I have tested with openbox. This allowed me identifying the problem a
little bit further. The issue is still reproducable in openbox when I
use the xfce4-terminal there. Further, I have noticed that when dragging 
any other windows over this terminal their decorations get damaged, too. 
Now I am quite sure that this is nvidia driver problem. There has to be 
some window redrawing function that xfce4 uses that triggers this bug.
Should this still be reported to xfce4 bts to work around for broken 
nvidia drivers?

>> I have made a research and tried the following configurations for
>> dual 
>> head so far:
>> - nvidia driver (2 instances of the device) + Xinerama - this gives
>> me 
>> satisfying performance, however the above bug occurs in xfce4
>> - nvidia driver + TwinView option (X.org's xinerama is disabled) -
>> this 
>> works fine, however, the performance is VERY BAD. Moving windows
>> around 
>> is fine. Switching desktop and redrawing of all windows on the
>> freshly 
>> switched desktop is very very slow
>> - nv driver - doesn't support dual head on my nvidia card, xrandr 
>> extension doesn't show all connected screens. I will take a look at
>> the 
>> problem further here.
> Well, I guess the problem lies in nvidia driver. I use at work two
> nvidia-based cards, using xinerama, and it works pretty fine in Xfce (no
> bug like this). But this is using nvidia legacy.
>> If anybody can think of a testcase, to duplicate the issue in a 
>> different environment than xfce4, I would be more than happy to try
>> that.
>> I am attaching the two configurations + xrandr output of the twinview 
>> one + relevant X.org logs.
> The thing is, we can't really debug nvidia proprietary driver...

I would be more happy if there was some working solution for dualhead 
for nVidia GeForce 6200 so that I wouldn't have to use the proprietary 
driver. But as of now, I didn't find any, so I have struggle with this bug.


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