[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#473410: Bug#473410: thunar: improve the send-to menu

Yves-Alexis Perez corsac at debian.org
Mon Mar 31 12:24:26 UTC 2008

On Sun, Mar 30, 2008 at 02:18:31PM +0000, Evgeni Golov wrote:
> I would like to ask you to improve the send-to menu of Thunar a bit:
> 1. /usr/share/Thunar/sendto/thunar-sendto-email.desktop has
> Icon=internet-mail, but there is no such icon on my system. After an
> apt-file search for it, I found it in the non-free tango-icon-theme and
> in gnome-accessibility-themes, which both don't fit into my system.
> Instead, I think. stock_mailto from xfce4-icon-theme should be used.

Stock icons are just fallbacks. I don't know every icon name, but what I'd say
is: find a theme wich provide a (good looking) icon for this. I currently use
tango (wich is non-free because of CC license) but I hope at one time there
will be free good looking themes too.

> 2. See the three attached .desktop files which should go
> to /usr/share/Thunar/sendto/. They are based on the ideas at
> http://thunar.xfce.org/pwiki/documentation/sendto_menu but slightly
> modified (removed Version and Encoding field, added a TryExec to show
> the item only if the tool is installed).
> bluetooth-sendto: send the file via bluetooth (bluez-gnome package)
> gnome-obex-send: send the file via bluetooth (gnome-bluetooth package)
> xfprint: print the file via xfprint4

Imho, .desktop files should be provided by applications, not by Thunar. I
don't have much feeling about this, but I don't want to clutter thunar package
with stuff dedicated to apps non Xfce related. (I guess apps maintainer may
feel the same about maintaining files for a file manager they dont use).
> PS: if you have any objections, kick Zhenech from #debian-xfce :)

Ok :)

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