[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#480380: Bug#480380: Bug#480380: xfce4: No easy way to add launchers from the menu to the panel

Daniel Dickinson cshore at wightman.ca
Thu May 15 10:32:43 UTC 2008

On Thu, 15 May 2008 07:41:23 +0200
Yves-Alexis Perez <corsac at debian.org> wrote:

> On mar, 2008-05-13 at 02:25 -0400, Daniel Dickinson wrote:
> > Cool.  Can this be integrated though, so that a newbie doesn't have
> > to discover this obscure fact somehow.  Preferably it'd be possible
> > to click on a add launcher from menu button, or something like
> > that, and have it just work.  I can handle the appfinder thing, but
> > I also setup systems for other people who aren't technically
> > inclined, so the less complications the better.
> Iirc, something like that is on the road for 4.6, but upstream doesn't
> have much time or manpower, so any help would be gladly appreciated.

If I want to contribute to xfce, but want my changes in debian, is it
better to contribute to upstream directly and have the changes
percolate through, or would it be better to modify the debian packages,
send you the patches, and you send them upstream?

(That would work better for my purposes as far as having my changes in
debian, but whether that works for you and/or upstream is another

Is there a debian mailing list for xfce?



My first xfce change however will not be xfce-specific but rather a
DE-agnostic cd/dvd burning frontend because that is sorely lacking.
Everything in the repositories is either for gnome or kde.

I also need to find or modify one of the DE-agnostic music players.
MPD-based stuff doesn't have 'smart playlists' or song ratings, and
exaile and quod libet (which do have those features) are
gstreamer-based and currently broken in xfce.

For xfce (well really any dbus-using window manager other than
gnome) I need to create the network proxy applet and the daemon that
tells the dbus apps what proxy to use (gnash depends on this, and I
think other dbus apps do too).

Come to think of it, most of my xfce plans are more about DE-agnostic
changes than xfce-specific enhancements.  Which is the way I like it.
I like xfce because it doesn't try to be an environment in the sense of
gnome or kde, where apps are built specifically for that environment.
Except plugins and ui stuff like adding to panels of course.  

In fact, if I understand the xfce apps correctly, most of
them could be used independently of the rest of the environment.  The
panel, for instance, could be used by with a different window manager,
if I'm understanding the separation of concerns correctly.



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