[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#785237: Bug#785237: lightdm-gtk-greeter: Please remove leading spaces from user name

Kevin Peng kpengboy at ocf.berkeley.edu
Sat Mar 26 01:30:29 UTC 2016

Hi Maintainer,
    I'm wondering if you have been able to further consider this
possibility. I have made a patch for version 1.8.5-2 which strips spaces
from the username, and it has been successfully deployed without issues at
the Open Computing Facility.

    The patch itself is only a few lines long, affecting the function
"username_focus_out_cb". I would be happy to provide it if desired.

    As Andreas has previously noted, on Debian a username with a space
cannot be created, barring manual editing of the username database. In
particular, I have yet to see a single real example of a username starting
with leading spaces, especially not one which would be used to log in to a
graphical environment. Hence, there should be no realistic adverse impact
by applying such a change.

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