[Reportbug-maint] New features in reportbug ?

chaica chaica at ohmytux.com
Sun Apr 19 17:58:39 UTC 2009

Hi Sandro,

Le samedi 18 avril 2009 à 23:31 +0200, Sandro Tosi a écrit :
> Hi Carl,
> Let me first thank you for the huge work of triaging and patch
> submitting you're doing, I'm hardly keeping up with it :)

Many thanks to you, it's really rewarding to have feedback on my work.

> 2009/4/18 chaica <chaica at ohmytux.com>:
> > I was reading some new features requested by users on the reportbug bts
> > webpage and I was wondering if you reportbug maintainers have a priority
> > list or wishlist of you own.
> Well, no, there's no such list.
> > I'm asking because if some of these feature requests seem good, I'm not
> > sure reportbug team wish to integrate them in reportbug.
> Well, feel free to work on what you like to most! :) There should be
> no "we won't implement this feature not even with a gun at the head"
> so any of them is fine.
> If you really want to be sure, when you see a feature request you want
> to work on, just ask if we feel positive to include it.
> Cheers,

Ok, I'll do that. You last comments on some reportbug bugreports gave me
leads of what could be interesting to implement next.

Carl Chenet

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