[Reportbug-maint] Do get back to me.....

Janta Sheriff jefferyblair5 at att.net
Tue Jul 5 14:54:29 UTC 2011


My name is Mr. Sheriff Janta,  I am a  Bank Branch Manager in Ghana. I have a deal or business proposal to the tune of ($10 Million Dollars) presently in bond form in an escrow account here in the bank branch, we shall share in ratio of 40% for you and 50% for me and 10% for every expenses we might incure. Everything about this transaction is legal, so if you are interested get back to me urgently.

When I hear from you, we then commence all arrangements and I will give you more details on how we should handle this project. Please treat this business with utmost confidentiality and send me the following as asap:

(1) Full names:
(2) Private phone number:
(3) Current residential address:
(4) Country of Origin
(5) Your Occupation:
(6) Age and Sex:

I look forward to receive your reply and confirmation of your full readiness,
Kind  Regards.
Janta Sheriff

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