[Splashy-devel] splashy showing text before starting gdm

Heiko Groß heiko at kallisti.de
Fri Jul 18 07:43:18 UTC 2008

Hi Developer of Splashy,

I'm really glad to have found a bootsplash program such as splashy which 
fits my needs. I've builded a live system with encryption support. Since 
splashy 0.3.10 the problems with getting the passphrase  were solved 
because the splashy_update "getpass" -function worked out of the box. 
But I'm still having one last problem. My system works except for 
showing to much text output before switching automatically to gdm. Is 
there any way of getting that output in order to see where it comes 
from. The text scrolls too fast and I even can't hit the Pause-Button.  
I'm sure the lsb-base-logging.sh-skript has anything to do with that.
I would be glad if you could give me some advise how I can solve this 
little problem.



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