[Utnubu-discuss] ACPI Stuff

Manfred Paul manne.paul at web.de
Fri Jul 29 20:13:26 UTC 2005

Hi everybody,

some weeks ago, after a fresh install of sarge on my t23 i figured out that there is no offical support for the
acpi stuff in the 2.6 kernel. Ok acpi is enabled but not used the way how it may be used. So i checked what ubuntu 
does and i found a package called acpi-support which contains some very useful acpi scripts for suspend2ram or disk, lid 
or the ibm fn keys (an some other laptop keys). I know that debian does not support the supend2disk feature of kernel 2.6.
But I know that the suspend2 patch is available for debian. 

So what do you think, is porting of some laptop stuff to debian needed, nice to have or ... 


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