[Debian-arabic-packages] The future of aspell-ar package

Lior Kaplan kaplan at debian.org
Sat Oct 7 17:03:45 UTC 2006

Mohammed Sameer wrote:
>>>>> 3. There's an option to package both.
>>>> I don't think so with out seeing more work done on the large dictionary.
>>>> Unless someone asks for this directly.
>>> well, Considering that mine and the one by google contain errors but the one by
>>> google has a lot of words and cover the language better. I guess we should package
>>> their work ?
>> Fine. I think I would package the Google list as aspell-ar-large and let
>> the users decide. Since the it's such a large list it will slow most
>> applications that use this list.
> I've noticed that aspell is a bit slow. OpenOffice also suffers a 90 (or was it 200) MB
> memory increase when it loads that list (After converting it to the myspell format).
> I'd like to help with packaging this one. Will check it tonight if we agree on packaging
> it.

Start by opening an ITP for it. The best way would be to build a package
and import it to the subverion for reviews.

Let me know when you have the base, and I'll guide you through the
import part.


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kaplan at debian.org

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