[Debian-eeepc-devel] New and wondering - make me excited ;)

Johnny Kewl john at kewlstuff.co.za
Wed Sep 10 17:10:03 UTC 2008

> > Very pleased to hear you so far already...

> >

> > Does any one know if its been tested on this device

> > Gigabyte MID M528


> http://www.pocketables.net/2008/05/gigabyte-mid-m5.html

Ah, this link you should have started with :)

This is the first time I read about "MID". As you may have noticed in

the name, this project is about making Debian run smoothly on Asus



Since it seems to run on Intel Centrino, you will be able to install

Debian on it without any problem.

Supporting the wireless card is another story. The spec page above

does not say anything about its manifacturer/chip so I can't tell you

for sure.


Its the think Ubuntu/Fedora/Intel have been working on...

These things are the future I think...

Thanks... I was hoping, because the Ubuntu/Moblin solution is not really a 
full linux as such, its more like a prepacked kernel... so as far as I can 
tell, there is no real linux on MIDs yet... just "Cell Phone type 
kernels"... ie its running linux but its not behaving like a linux... the 
user is not going to apt-get... unless they pay I guess ;)

Debian would look might pretty on it ;)

I was hoping.... its wide open still... if debian  feels like beating 
microsoft ;)

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