[Debian-olpc-devel] Adding additional uploaders + sugar-toolkit release

Luke Faraone luke at faraone.cc
Wed Jun 9 13:47:54 UTC 2010

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On 06/08/2010 07:05 AM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 07, 2010 at 03:36:03PM -0400, Luke Faraone wrote:
>> Would it be a faux pas for me to add myself as an uploader of
>> sugar-toolkit and some other sugar collab-maint packages, as well as
>> setting DMUA to yes?
> I do not understand "faux pas",

A "misstep" in French, it means something that is against the custom.
Some individuals have disliked it when I have set DMUA on packages I
submit for sponsoring etc, so I thought it was best to be ask first.

> but feel free to add yourself as
> uploader + tag as DMUA those packages that you actively intend to
> concretely be involved in maintaining.  I should then upload once for
> the DMUA to take effect and after that we can both upload those packages.

Okay. I mentioned sugar-toolkit in my original email, but I was really
referring to sugar-0.88

> I suggest to use same logic as the Debian Multimedia team: First
> uploader is the main developer.  In other words: Please add yourself
> last, or discuss with me first if you think it makes sense for you to
> take the lead for some of the packages (which might be perfectly fine -
> don't be shy).
>> If I can do so, what's your policy on releases? Should we discuss them
>> first in the mailing list, or can we just "release when we have
>> substantial changes" (or a large number of lesser changes)?
> I am used to working alone, which means personally I just release when I
> find that it is time to do so - without asking.  On the other hand I
> have felt it annoying when others that I work with release with some
> changelog entries of mine not adjusted as I would have wanted (sometimes
> git commit messages are phrased suboptimal for verbatim inclusion in
> Debian changelog).
> So yes, let's both try warn before releasing, but if we feel in a hurry
> then releasing without prior "permission" from the other should not be
> considered a deadly sin.
> How's that for a policy? :-)

Okay, thanks for clearing that up.

>> On a related thread, could you upload the changes made in
>> sugar-toolkit to unstable so I'll be able to upload the fix for the
>> GDM 2.30 bug to the stable releases of Ubuntu? (Ubuntu does not
>> usually allow SRUs without the problem being fixed in ubuntu+1)
> I have difficulties compiling packages at the moment, due to my largest
> disk partition on my laptop somewhat broken (power outage during a
> partition resize).
> Please ping me in a couple of days again, if I haven't done it already
> by then.

Again, s/sugar-toolkit/sugar/, my mistake.

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