[OT] Re: [Debtags-devel] libtagcoll updates

Erich Schubert Erich Schubert <erich.schubert@gmail.com>
Wed, 6 Apr 2005 13:24:07 -0700

exactly... --rebuild-tree also killed my fs back then. I'm pretty sure
I used the right tools back then. I think I downloaded them from the
"official" site.

When I switched to ext3 I could at least rest assured that there is a
well-tested fsck available...

A reason why I will not try reiserfs again is because of Hans Reiser.

See for example the following thread:

And the 'superior' performance of reiserfs is also not agreed upon by
also check the comments there, especially the one with this URL:

I also remember that LWN (?) did a benchmark test with reiserfs with
real-world cases such as extracting a kernel source tarball.
They learned that it makes a huge difference if the tarball was
created on a reiserfs or some other system - that the order in which
files are created has such a high impact on reiserfs actually supports
the "claim" that it was optimized more for benchmarks than for real
world tasks...

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