[Debtags-devel] Vocabulary updates, part 1

Enrico Zini enrico@enricozini.org
Mon, 25 Apr 2005 13:26:38 +0200

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I've added a new file "facet-classification" to:

In that file I define some editorial categories for facets, to say
something about their maturity.  This is what I put in:

  Status: draft
   The facet is an idea of a direction that could be taken, but it is
   still unsure whether it has relevance or not.
  Status: controversial
   The facet has been shown to be useful, but it is unclear what tags
   would be on it.
  Status: needing-review
   The facet has shown to be useful and its scope is clear, but some
   tags are still missing, due for example to lack of knowledge on the
   domain of the facet.
  Status: complete
   The facet is useful, its scope is clear, and the set of tags is
   considered complete.  Some more tags can be added as technology
   evolves, such as it might happen when a new programming language is
  Status: deprecated
   The facet is considered a wrong try; no more tags should be added
   using it, and the information it is used to represent should be
   categorized differently.

I've also added "Status:" fields to the facets in the vocabulary, to
document how much work they should get and how much they should be
considered reliable.

Possible outcomes of this:
 - one can look at it and see if how much they should trust the facets
 - applications can filter for only 'complete' or 'needing-review'
 - tagging people can add stuff and let the others know how serious they
   are about them
 - tagging people can judge the 'stability' of a tag when choosing if
   they should add it or not
 - tags in facets marked "complete" can be easily delegated for
   maintenance, for example to the package maintaner or to an interest
   group in that field.

This would also open the door to formalising some kind of editorial
process on the vocabulary.  I'll give it a try, then post a=20
"Vocabulary updates, part 2".



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