[Debtags-devel] Lots of bugs fixed

Benjamin Mesing bensmail at gmx.net
Wed Aug 3 14:40:41 UTC 2005


> I would even consider merging them, interleaving the various entries to
> make them all in cronological order.  But don't worry about that: it's a
> time-consuming quirk of mine, and I could take care of it.  In the
> meantime, you can just cat them together.
Well I think I can do this, once the main work is done.

> Yes, that's the magic of CDBS: if the package is a well-behaved
> automake+autoconf one, there's nothing else to add.
I'll take a closer look on this, perhaps I could assimilate it for

> I checked out the branch, but it's still empty.  Commit your work in it
> when you can, so we can point each others at files and stuff.
That was because I hadn't done anything yet. I prefer to think before
working ;-) However I got started now and committed every change with a
hopefully descripive message. I've also added a TODO-bigmerge file which
contains everything that needs to be taken care of due to the
restructuring. I think it will be sufficient if you keep an eye on what
I do, and have a look at this file once I finished everything I am
capable of. Until then I propose, you refrain from intervening so we
don't collide (though hints are very much appreciated!).

Just for the fun of it, I've made a screenshot at my work. In cases like
this I love my 1600x1200 TFT :-))

Greetings Ben

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