The haunting role::software:{application, utility} distinction

Benjamin Mesing bensmail at
Fri Dec 16 22:47:28 UTC 2005


I have discovered, that people tagging their application still are not
doing well on agreeing on a common definition of the application and
utility tags.
Examples I was able to find in a short period of time, where I would
judge the packages similiar in their complexity, but tagged differently:

        xterm: utitility
        konsole: utility
        gnome-terminal: application
        synaptic: application
        kpackage: utility
        nano: utility
        joe: application
        debtags: application
        debtags-edit: application
        packagesearch: utility
        gimageview: utility
        gqview: application
Of course there are applications where the distinction is easy - Gimp,
OpenOffice, Konqueror, emacs etc.
Though it seems harder to find programs which are definetely tools --
mixer programs, xview,... come to my mind.
Still there is a large undefined area in between, and I doubt that we
are actually gaining value with such a fuzzy distinction.

If you think that we should keep up this distinction, do you have any
ideas how to avoid contradictions like those shown above? Could it help
to add a number of examples into the tagging hints section?

Best regards 


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