Benjamin Mesing bensmail at gmx.net
Sun May 3 11:38:02 UTC 2009

On Sun, 2009-05-03 at 12:27 +0100, Enrico Zini wrote:
> On Sun, May 03, 2009 at 07:34:25AM +0200, Benjamin Mesing wrote:
> > I am wondering what an x11::xserver is. Should xserver-xorg-video-* have
> > this tag? Should xserver-xorg-input-*? 
> > 
> > Current state of tagging is inconsistent (e.g. -vesa has x11::xserver,
> > -nv does not).
> I'd say that x11::xserver is a package providing an X server, that is,
> something that X clients can connect to.  I guess that covers whatever
> gives us /usr/bin/X, xnest, xephyr and probably not many others.

Which would fail our minimum package count requirement for a tag.
However, for completeness of the facet I would vote to leave it there. 

Or we could change the (short) description to "X Server and Drivers". In
fact I would be in favour of this solution.

> The xserver-xorg-{video,input}* packages should probably have something
> like x11::driver instead. If you think it's a good idea, I'll go on and
> add it.

I think this is a good idea unless we change the description x11::server
as mentioned above.

> Alternatively, we can do x11::xserver plus use::driver (and
> maybe hardware::something).

Well, use::driver would probably be adequate, and the following
implication should hold true: x11::driver implies use::driver.

> For the long term, feedback is welcome on whether x11::* is actually
> useful or not. I think, as a facet, it's quite well defined (taking the
> rather exotic point of view of the X world); what I wonder is if it's
> really any use except as a mental exercise.

I've tried to use it today to get a list of installed x11 video drivers
for my system.

Best regards


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