[Dict-common-dev] Details about the transition

Agustín Martín Domingo agmartin@aq.upm.es
Tue, 17 Sep 2002 12:56:12 +0200

Jakob Bohm wrote:
  > Forgive a mere user for asking, but how about this plan:
  > 1. A complete set of packages are prepared and uploaded to the
  > staging area at sf.net .  You seem to be already doing that
  > anyway.
  > 2. When all is ready, ONE person takes the entire sf.net staging
  > area, including the signed upload messages from each developer,
  > and uploads it to master in one big go.  For speed, run ftp from
  > an ssh session on a machine near master (or master itself).  If
  > I understand the upload process right (I probably don't), the
  > signed upload messages will make this count as the original
  > uploaders doing the uploads all at the same time.
Thanks a lot for your suggestion, and sorry for the delay in answering. 
I was rather busy these days.

I find it interesting if all packages at sourceforge were prepared by
the official maintainers, and yes, I think the upload process works that

The problem is that currently many packages at the staging area at
sourceforge are still the experimental packages prepared by the project
people. So we need to convince first the maintainers about uploading to
sf (there are still some of them we do not know about), and hope none of
them is reluctant to that. I think most IDWP maintainers not involved
directly in the process, but still active, have in mind to retrieve the
packages at the staging area, see how the system exactly works, modify a
couple of things and reupload them, so we should not expect too many
problems here, but who knows, and this is what makes me doubt. On the
other hand non responsive maintainers will still be there and the
pressure to upload to a staging area is lower than to upload to Debian
after a bug of enough severity is filed. Furthermore, 
dictionaries-common packages are new and so, they will still need some 
days before they can be installed.

I had in mind a diferent process:

1) At the deadline, a bug with severity wishlist is filed against all
ispell dictionaries and wordlist packages (IDWP). It should probably be
sent from dict-common-cvs address to avoid all that stuff in
dict-common-dev and for helping track the transition status. At that
time all IDWP can start being uploaded to debian, closing their
associated bug.

2) Some days after that deadline dictionaries-common packages are
uploaded to debian. They need some more days to make its place in the 
global override file.

3) As soon as dictionaries-common packages are accepted bug severity is
raised to serious for all IDWP still not uploaded.

4) NMU if neccesary

But your proposal is also a very interesting one. What the other people 



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