[Dict-common-dev] Details about the transition

Nicolas SABOURET Nicolas.Sabouret@limsi.fr
Wed, 18 Sep 2002 09:18:46 +0200

Agust=EDn Mart=EDn Domingo a =E9crit:
> I had in mind a diferent process:
 > [...]

Sorry for not being very active right now (I'm finishing my PhD).
Even if I don't see any strong drawback to Jakob's proposal, I a=20
strongly in favor of August=EDn's one. I think this will help reduce the=20
time of instability of the Debian system for most =AB users =BB (if we ma=
say so speaking about sid users). It seems too me based on more=20
well-defined rules, comprehensible by all debian users, whereas Jakob's=20
proposition is based on "using the delay inherent to any new upload",=20
which is more fuzzy.
However, I won't argue for it if other maintainers prefer the first=20

I hope I'll find time to upload my package soon, but I haven't have any=20
time to work on them this summer.

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