[Dict-common-dev] Details about the transition

Rafael Laboissiere Rafael Laboissiere <laboissiere@mpipf-muenchen.mpg.de>
Wed, 18 Sep 2002 22:07:45 +0200

* Agustín Martín Domingo <agmartin@aq.upm.es> [2002-09-17 12:56]:

> I had in mind a diferent process:
> [snip]

Regardless of the chosen process, I think that we should determine soon
the deadline.  End of September seems to be a bit tight now, since the
IDWP maintainers are note very reactive.  My guess is that most of them are
reading this thread and are silently waiting that we make the decision about
the deadline to react.

Please, do not misunderstood me.  I am not pushing people to do the work.
Since most of packages are already sitting at the staging area, I think that
we are in a good shape to do the transition.  In particular, it is a perfect
time to do it, since sarge is in its very beginning.  If we are lucky, the
dictionaries-common Policy may even become part of the Debian Policy for

At any rate, if we have to wait a little bit more, no problem, we will.
This project started exactly three years ago.  A couple of weeks more will
not make a huge difference...