[Dict-common-dev] Details about the transition

Agustín Martín Domingo agmartin@aq.upm.es
Thu, 19 Sep 2002 13:05:44 +0200

Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
> Regardless of the chosen process, I think that we should determine soon
> the deadline.  End of September seems to be a bit tight now, since the
> IDWP maintainers are note very reactive.  My guess is that most of them are
> reading this thread and are silently waiting that we make the decision about
> the deadline to react.

Yes, I also find that end of September has become too close. We should 
first mail the IDWP maintainers with the transition details and give 
them some days for reactions, although I do not expect many. We can also 
ask here about the preferred way for the transition, but I would also 
not expect much feedback here. A mail to debian-devel about the problems 
that will show up during the transition is also desirable at the deadline.

> At any rate, if we have to wait a little bit more, no problem, we will.
> This project started exactly three years ago.  A couple of weeks more will
> not make a huge difference...

Not if they are as much a couple of weeks more. Waiting longer and 
mainly leaving that to an undetermined date means more problems to have 
the staging area in sync with Debian repository, and the risk for the 
project to go much lower in the IDWP maintainers priorities and 
eventually get stalled and require an extra work to get everything updated.



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