[Eyecatcher-general] First prototype ready

Alexander Schmehl alexander@schmehl.info
Thu, 6 Jan 2005 08:17:47 +0100

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Good morning everyone!

This night I finished a first prototype.  It's ugly, it doensn't work as
expected, and I have been to sleepy while commiting it to cvs, so just
ignore the "general" modul and check out general2.

Okay, please install cvs, mgp, m4 and bash (if not allread installed).

Now do the following:
0. create a subdirectory for your work and change to it
1. cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.alioth.debian.org:/cvsroot/eyecatcher login
  you will be asked for a password, just press enter
2. cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.alioth.debian.org:/cvsroot/eyecatcher c=
o general2
  a subdirectory "general2" will be created, you have checked out my
3. cd general2, read the README
  Hopefully you will see a small presentation running in an endless loop
  in englisch and german.

If you want to quit it, you need to press <ctrl>+<c> hold it, or press
it many times, or press it near the end of one  presentation run hoping
to quit if it ends.

If you took a look an RUN-PRESENTATION.sh you'll know why:  The
presentations are called in an "while true" loop, since magicpoint has
no mode for loops :(

Now that you see that it runs, you might want to know how its runs.

It's quite simple:

The "layout" of the presentation is in presentation/presentation.mgp;
defaults.mgp contains some default values for backgrounds, fonts, etc.
If you see there "toberun-??.mgp" files: Ignore them, they are created
on the fly and should be deleted afterwards, but since you need to break
the loop, they might surrive; doesn't matter, they get overwritten next
time you call RUN-PRESENTATION.sh

In the folder languages are subdirectory for each language.  If you call
RUN-PRESENTATION.sh the txt files in this language subdirectories are
includes by the main presentation.mgp and writen to the toberun-??.mgp
files.  After the toberun-??.mgp files are created, finally magicpoint
is called in a loop.

As you might have notices, I'm using m4 to create the toberun-files.
That's because magicpoint doesn't support real include statements as I
thought :(

An other problem is, that you see your desktop between two calls of
magicpoint, creating some kind of flair.  That's not nice, too, but
until #287350 is solved, I don't know a better solution.

BTW:  Anyone thinking I was a bit harsh is this wishlist bugreport?
Sorry, wasn't my intention.

Beside all the Problems mentioned above, it would be fairly easy to add
a new language:

Just create a new subdirectory with your country code in language.  Copy
the files from language/en  and translate all the textfiles there.

As explained in the README file, you can of course call just one
language, by setting the lang_active variable:
lang_active=3D"de" ./RUN-PRESENTATION.sh

So far for now.  Does that sound like the infrastructure we would like
to use? =20

Yours sincerely,

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