Sys-V-Init scripts from upstart files

Sven Mueller sven at
Thu Jun 14 12:18:45 UTC 2007

Erich Schubert schrieb:
> Note that some init systems (such as minit) expect daemons to use
> stdout/stderr for logging.

This is probably the hardest thing to cater for. Though I don't exactly
understand what the advantage of this "log through fd1/fd2" is. It
doesn't allow filtering by severity as much as syslog does. Also it
means that I can't have the daemon log into different files depending on
the part of the daemons activities (think different virtual hosts in
http/ftp servers). So what exactly do I gain by this?
The only thing I can see is that the initd in use can see the error
messages of $daemon. But I'm not exactly sure what this would help with.

> So getting a good handling of I/O (btw, one thing where sysvinit
> really sucks...) right is one of the more difficult things here.

True, I think. However, if we want to support sysvinit plus
alternatives, we probably need to support different IO/logging styles,
too. At least if someone can explain the advantage of logging through
STDOUT/STDERR and initd.


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