[Openstack-devel] Packaging a new version of python-itsdangerous

Simon Fondrie-Teitler simonft at riseup.net
Thu Jul 18 13:06:33 UTC 2013

Thomas Goirand <zigo at debian.org> writes:
> Thanks for your reply and accepting the NMU thing. It is indeed
> important for me that the issue is addressed in a timely manner.
> I have done the below changes to the package (as per debian/changelog):
> * New upstream release.
> * Added a debian/gbp.conf
> * Added debian/rules for upstream repository git management.
> * Ran wrap-and-sort, moved Homepage filed at the end of 1st block.
> * Removed useless python (>= 2.6) depends:.
> * Adds the build of python3 package.
> * Adds myself as uploader, sets python-module as team, and adds VCS
> fields.

Thanks a lot for that. I was working my way though all of that, but was
getting stuck on some of the python3 stuff. I'll take a look and compare
it to what I was doing. 

> and uploaded the result on the Git of the python-modules team. It is
> available from there:
> Vcs-Browser:
> http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=python-modules/packages/python-itsdangerous.git
> Vcs-Git:
> git://anonscm.debian.org/python-modules/packages/python-itsdangerous.git

I'm not able to reach either of these. Do I need to be authenticated
some how?

> Please have a look. Let me know if you think I upload the package as-is,
> and if you are ok that the package goes to the python-modules team. IMO,
> it's much better to do team maintenance. If you haven't yet, I would
> warmly welcome you to join the python module team. Alternatively, if you
> want to keep the ownership of the package, you can just download the Git
> repository that I made, and upload it to the site of your choice, though
> I really think the python-modules team would be best.

I was originally going to do that, but was under the impression that it
needed to be in the svn repository, and there was not a git option
yet. I'm am a member of the team. 

Simon Fondrie-Teitler
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