Bug#712712: gnash: Doesn't play YouTube's video of RMS singing the Free Software Song (or any other)

Gabriele Giacone 1o5g4r8o at gmail.com
Sat Oct 5 09:10:54 UTC 2013

On Sat, Oct 5, 2013 at 4:04 AM, Kingsley G. Morse Jr.
<kingsley at loaner.com> wrote:
> RMS's Free Software Song played.
> The bad news?
> Right clicking on the video popped open a menu that
> said it was in HTML5.
> It's nice to be able to watch HTML5, but I found a
> video (of world renowned sociologist, Al Bundy)
> that YouTube still served as flash at

Unless they switched to html5 for all users, ithat happens because you
enabled HTML5 trial:


> 2.) and whether you'd like the big log file now.

Not sure I can receive it so big. Can you upload it somewhere?

Otherwise, generate a smaller one:
Remove gnash-dbg.log
Right click - Edit - Preferences - Logging - Verbosity level 3 -
Select "Log to file" - Deselect all others.
That should suffice.

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