[pkg-kolab] debconf for the kolab* packages

Steffen Joeris Steffen.Joeris at skolelinux.de
Mon Jan 22 18:50:01 CET 2007

Hi mates

Today I briefly discussed the use of debconf for the kolab* packages with 
Peter and regarding the fact that i relocate to melbourne and probably have 
some boring spare time during the flights I thought about starting a new 
branch which introduces debconf to the kolab* (not the kolab-cyrus-imapd as 
this package already has debconf stuff) packages. I personally would start 
with the kolabd and kolab-resource-handlers and add a question to get the 
password, base_dn, ldap_uri and stuff .
First of all the question if we really want that. The big advantage I see is 
that it makes the configuration easier for our users. Of course I would only 
start to upload to experimental once the stuff is written and working.
Another question is if we can reduce the questions, for instance the 
kolab-resource-handlers and the kolabd package need to know about the 
password for the nobody user, so the question would be if there is a way to 
ask the question once and get it for all the other kolab packages as well? I 
am not sure if parsing the kolab.conf file is a solution, I will leave it to 
other to comment on that.
So what do you think, some feedback is appreciated :)

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