[Teammetrics-discuss] [GSoC] Getting Started :)

Andreas Tille andreas at an3as.eu
Thu May 3 18:49:23 UTC 2012

Hi Vipin,

On Wed, May 02, 2012 at 10:17:34PM +0530, Vipin Nair wrote:
> I have just finished my examinations

... our crossing fingers had hopefully helped. :-)

> I will need some information to get started. The web framework that is
> suggested in the project details on the wiki is Django/Pylons, but with the
> scope of the project being limited, I believe the Flask Web framework[1]
> will suffice and latest version of Flask is already packaged in Debian.

I'm not an web framework expert at all and finally can not be of much
help here.  My guess is that for this task which is of lower complexity
any modern one will finally do.  The only criterion I would consider
here is that it will finally be accepted by DSA[1] to be installable on
a debian.org host.
> I would like to know if Flask is acceptable as the web framework, and if
> not please do tell me, what the desired framework is, so that I can get
> acquainted with it before the coding period.

Perhaps you and Sukhbir might negotiate the criterion above with DSA.

> I am also planning to follow a test driven development methodology, so i'll
> be looking into unit testing. I am relatively new to this, so I might need
> some time to get familiar with this.

Sounds interesting - I also wished to have more time to dive into this.
> If possible, I will like to have a database/schema dump so that I could
> have some idea as to what kind of visualization can be possible and maybe
> also identify some metrics that can be derived out of existing data.

Why not working straight on the host that is hosting the database
itself?  Just send me your prefered login name and a ssh key I could
install into your home directory on blends.debian.net.  Than you can get
full access to the database.
> I'll set up a blog soon where I intend to document the
> project progress and probably the outcome of some study I'll be doing as
> part o this project.


Kind regards


[1] http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DSA


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